Are ARRA and Ken from 2022 together?

Ken and De’arra were together for around seven years. And they have been making YouTube videos together for almost as long. Are De’arra and Ken still a couple? Unfortunately, De’arra and Ken Walker are no longer together.

Where is Ken from DK4L from?

Ken Walker was born in Georgia, U.S., on August 12, 1994. His zodiac sign is Leo. He has a twin brother named Chris.

Is De ARRA with Ken?

YouTube couple De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker have announced their split in a video. The couple is best known for their vlog channel Vlogs By DK4L.

Is DK4L broken up?

On August 20th, 2021, De’arra and Ken took to their YouTube channel to share the news that they were going to be parting ways and branching off into having their own separate YouTube channels.

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Who does derra date?

De’arra Taylor, 23, and Ken Walker, 25, made a name for themselves on the world wide web as a couple, documenting everything from their international bae-cations to their many hilarious pranks. They’ve been dating about five years and have taken their 5.7 million subscribers along for the ride.

Who is Ken dating?

Ken has been dating Barbie for 43 years total now.

How long were DK4L together?

By 2019, their YouTube Main channel had reached 5.8 million subscribers and the Vlog Channel had reached 2.5 Million subscribers. After 5 years of dating, in August 2019, the couple got engaged while on vacation in Santorini, Greece. In August 2021 the couple announced their separation via video.

How long was Dearra and Ken together?

DK4L: That’s De’arra and Ken 4 Life. De’arra Taylor, 21, and Ken Walker, 22, are not singers or comedians or actors. What they are is a couple. They’ve been dating about three years, and they’ve been making YouTube videos together for almost as long.

How old is Dearra?

26 years (April 17, 1996)
De’arra Taylor / Age

Does Dearra have a perm?

I do get perms My hair entirely to thick & long to not!

What does Dearra Taylor do for a living?

De’arra Taylor / Profession

A YouTuber is an online personality and/or influencer who produces videos on the video-sharing platform YouTube, typically posting to their personal YouTube channel. The term was first used in the English language in 2006.


Who is Dearra Taylors dad?

The YouTuber was born on 17 April 1996 in Tennessee, United States of America. De’arra Taylor’s mom is Lakeisha Mims while her father is Yo Gotti. De’arra Taylor’s dad is a renowned rapper from the United States of America.