Are Chen and Bell a couple?

The pair have formed a close friendship built on support and humour and, Bell says, because they are both “huge dorks”. She told “[Chen is] really, truly one of my best friends in the world. I’ve known him for so long.

Does Nathan Chen have a girlfriends?

Does Nathan Chen have a girlfriend? In 2022, Nathan Chen appears to be single and to public knowledge, he is not currently dating anyone.

Is Karen Chen married to Nathan Chen?

Nathan Chen and Karen Chen are not related

Nathan Chen is the current World Champion in figure skating and one of the best athletes in the world. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Chen had his formal education at the West High School in Salt Lake City.

Is Nathan Chen quitting?

Olympic champion Nathan Chen has withdrawn from the 2022 World Figure Skating Championships, U.S. Figure Skating announced Wednesday morning.

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How much does Nathan Chen get paid?

Chen earned at least $1 million from his sponsors in the year leading up to the 2022 Olympics, according to Forbes estimates.

What happened to Nathan Chen’s coach?

Nathan Chen’s coach loses Skate Canada accreditation over “inadvertently” violating Covid “bubble” protocols – OlympicTalk | NBC Sports.

What do Nathan Chen’s parents do?

Nathan Chen/Parents

Why did Nathan Chen not get his medal?

Chen and his US teammates missed the opportunity to collect their medals from the figure skating team event on Tuesday due to an ongoing doping scandal involving Russian athlete Kamila Valieva.

What nationality is Nathan Chen’s coach?

United States

Is Nathan Chen done at the Olympics?

Chen also helped the U.S. Olympic team win the bronze medal in the 2018 team event, and the silver medal in the 2022 team event.

Nathan Chen.

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Why is Chen retiring?

I have a nagging injury that I’ve been dealing with, and I don’t want to risk further injury by practicing and competing next week.” Chen won the Olympic gold medal in February and is the three-time reigning World champion. Camden Pulkinen, who will be making his World Championships debut, will replace Chen.

Why did Nathan Chen withdraw?

March 16 (Reuters) – Olympic figure skating champion Nathan Chen of the United States has withdrawn from this month’s world championships due to injury, U.S. Figure Skating said on Wednesday.