Are Elton and Bernie still friends?

They’ve worked together for a 50 years, and Bernie Taupin now sees his songwriting partner. The 69-year-old told The Daily Telegraph on Saturday: ‘When we get together, it’s like any other couple who are friends and have a history; you fall into conversation very easily’.

How old is Bernie Taupin now?

72 years (May 22, 1950)
Bernie Taupin / Age

Why did Bernie Taupin leave Elton John?

According to both Bernie and Elton, their two-year break was due to their intensive working relationship, rather than any acrimonious fallings-out, but they came back together by 1976.

Do Elton John and Bernie Taupin still write songs together?

Bernie Taupin is an English lyricist, poet, and singer. In his long-term collaboration with Elton John, he has written the lyrics for most of John’s songs.

List of songs.

Song Candle in the Wind 1997
Artist Elton John
Album single
Year 1997

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How true is the film Rocketman?

The script was developed by Lee Hall, who spent many hours with John, hearing stories and anecdotes, according to Fletcher. And, for the most part, the movie fairly accurately recreates John’s life as a young boy through the ’70s.

What is Bernie Taupin doing now?

He lives in Santa Barbara County, California. Taupin was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2022 New Year Honours for services to music.

Did Elton John and Bernie Taupin stop working together?

Their split only lasted two years and they work together to this day. Though they took time apart and worked with others, both John and Taupin say the split was not acrimonious.

Are Bernie Taupin and Elton John lovers?

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Taupin says that, in many ways, “Rocketman” is a platonic love story between him and John. “It’s absolutely that. Yes, sir,” says Taupin, who wrote the lyrics to all of John’s golden-era gems, such as “Your Song,” “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and, of course, “Rocket Man.”

What percentage does Bernie Taupin get?

That means everyone will have a piece of a 100% royalty pie. One industry practice says the music is worth 50% (chords, melody, arrangement, etc.) and the lyrics are worth 50%. Elton John and Bernie Taupin are good examples: Elton writes the music (50%) and Bernie writes the lyrics (50%).

How much did Bernie Taupin make with Elton John?

Bernie Taupin has amassed a fortune of $70 million (£53million) through his songwriting partnership with Elton John. The millionaire lyricist was born at Flatters Farmhouse in Lincolnshire in 1950, and left school at 15 to work as a trainee in the print room of a local newspaper in hopes of becoming a journalist.

Did Elton John attend Diana’s funeral?

Although they reportedly had a falling out a year before her death, Sir Elton still performed at her funeral, where he played Candle in the Wind.

Who is richer Elton John or McCartney?

Words by Riley Fitzgerald

As a New York Motor Freight heiress, Shevell alone is worth an estimated $220 million. Trailing McCartney and Webber is pop star Rihanna at $573 million, Elton John at $442 million and Rolling Stone Mick Jagger at $349 million.