Are Guy and Joe Torry related?

Biography. Torry was born and raised along with his brother, actor and comedian Guy Torry, in St. Louis, Missouri. He attended Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri, where he earned a BA in mass communications/broadcast journalism.

What is Joe Torry doing now?

Joe founded the Giving Back the Love Foundation in 1996. With this foundation, he gives back to his hometown community (St. Louis) through youth and community programs. Torry has recently developed and begun his own production company.

Who is Guy Torry’s wife?

Monica Askew
Guy Torry / Wife (m. 2002–2008)

Is Guy Torry married?

Monica Askew
Guy Torry / Spouse (m. 2002–2008)

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Who is older Joe or Torry?

Guy Torry (born January 12, 1969) is an American actor and comedian. He is the younger brother of actor and comedian Joe Torry. Fort Ord Military Base in California, U.S.

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The Torry school project has already suffered delay with the demolition of Torry Academy being held up due to the removal of asbestos and the impact of Covid-19.

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How old is Guy Torry?

53 years (January 12, 1969)
Guy Torry / Age

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How old is Joe Torry?

57 years (September 28, 1965)
Joe Torry / Age