Are Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton a couple?

Both Pascale and Kavan are married.

Pascale married her husband and fellow actor, Danny Dorosh, back in 2002 and has since given birth to two sons. While Kavan has mentioned he had a small wedding several years ago, we don’t know much about his wife. (The Canadian actor tends to keep his personal life pretty private.)

Where does Kavan Smith live?

Kavan Smith/Places lived

How old is Kavan Smith of when calls the heart?

52 years (6 May 1970)
Kavan Smith / Age

How tall is kavan smith?

1.75 m
Kavan Smith / Height

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How much does Erin Krakow make?

21 Erin Krakow $4 Million.

How many Hallmark movies has Kavan Smith been in?

Here’s a complete list of Kavan Smith Hallmark movies! He has been in a total of seven movies and five Christmas specials and seven seasons of When Calls the Heart since 2010.

How old is kavan smith?

52 years (6 May 1970)
Kavan Smith / Age

How tall is Pascale Hutton?

1.68 m
Pascale Hutton / Height

How tall is Kevin Smith?

1.73 m
Kevin Smith / Height

Does Kavan Smith cook?

I love to cook and I thought I could pull off a chef. I’ve written a few scripts over the years but this is, in fact, the first one I’ve had produced. Which is more difficult?

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