Are Lou and Finn related in bunk D?

Finn Sawyer is one of the main characters in seasons 3-5 of Bunk’d. Finn is an energetic boy and cousin of camp director Lou. He is played by Will Buie Jr.

Will Finn be in bunk D season 6?

Finn Sawyer is paying a surprise visit to Kikiwaka Ranch this season, making him the fifth BUNK’D character to return to the series after originally being written off, after Hazel Swearengen, Mrs. Kipling, Emma Ross and Gwen Flores.

Why did Matteo leave bunk D?

Matteo reveals that he intentionally got himself taken out of the game because he believes he is too small to play, but Ravi later agrees to give him a second chance in the game.

How old is Will Buie Jr?

15 years (2007)
Will Buie Jr. / Age

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How old is Gwen from bunk D?

When not on set, 13-year-old Estevez enjoys staying active, whether it’s gymnastics, hiking, or running around with her siblings and cousins. She is a pescatarian and resides with her family in Los Angeles to a Pakistani Jewish father from Multan, Pakistan and a British Israeli mother from Birmingham, England.

How old is Shelby from bunk D?

20 years (February 6, 2002)
Shelby Simmons / Age

How old is destiny from bunk d 2022?

Mallory James Mahoney (born January 31, 2005) is an American teen actress, who is known for her roles as Destiny Baker on the Disney Channel series Bunk’d (2018–present), and Ainsley Riches on the Netflix series On My Block (2020). Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.

How old is Karan Brar?

23 years (January 18, 1999)
Karan Brar / Age

When was Will Blue Jr born?

Will Buie Jr. was born on 25 March 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Will is an actor, known for In the Tall Grass (2019), Bunk’d (2015) and Gifted (2017).

Where does Will Buie Jr live now?

Will Buie Jr. is an Atlanta native and still attends school here. He told Good Day Atlanta’s Alyse Eady that he splits his time in between California and Georgia.

What movies has Will Buie Jr been in?

Will Buie Jr./Appears in

How old is Kevin Quinn in a week away?

25 years (May 21, 1997)
Kevin Quinn / Age