Are Mekai Curtis and 50 Cent related?

Fans are curious to know whether 20-year-old actor Curtis is related to the world-renowned music artist. The answer is no, Curtis is not related to the rapper in any way, he simply plays the younger version of his character from the original series.

Who is Meiki Curtis?

Series Information

Mekai Curtis is an American actor. He portrays Kanan Stark on the Starz original crime drama Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

Is Kanan supposed to be 50 Cent?

50 Cent and Power Universe creator Courtney Kemp created the character of Kanan Stark because the rapper/executive producer wanted to portray the most horrible person on TV. When it came to Kanan’s backstory, they drew inspiration from 50 Cent’s real life.

How is raising Kanan related to Power?

Raising Kanan is a prequel series that follows Kanan Stark (the character played by 50 Cent in the original Power) during his teenage years in the 90s. Kanan was the rival and former friend of Ghost, the main character of the original Power series.

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Is Ghost and Tommy in raising Kanan?

Power Book III: Raising Kanan official trailer (STARZ)

“You know that Ghost and Tommy are a part of Kanan’s upbringing,” he said. “Kanan taught Ghost and Tommy to be Ghost and Tommy. So as the show goes on, and as Kanan’s life continues to grow and build, we’ll see how they fold into things too.”

Is Jukebox Marvin’s daughter?

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Marvin Thomas is a main character on the Starz original crime drama Power Book III: Raising Kanan. He is portrayed by London Brown. Marvin is Lou-Lou and Raq’s older brother, also the father of Jukebox and uncle to Kanan. Marvin appears as one of the deuteragonists in season 1-3.

Is Kanan Tariq’s father?

Kanan is the twins’ [Tariq/Raina’s] father, and that’s why he all of a sudden wants to help in the Season 4 finale.

Is Kanan mother in Power?

Series Information

Raq serves as one of the main protagonists in season 1-3. She was also mentioned in Power Season 2. Raq is Kanan’s mother. To him, she may be loving, but in the streets, she is a cold, hard, and fierce woman taking names in a man’s world.

Who is Kanan in Power?

Power Book III: Raising Kanan/Characters

When did Kanan meet Ghost and Tommy?

Tommy and Ghost meet Kanan in 1996

Raising Kanan season 1 is set in 1991 and season 2 jumps forward slightly to 1993. The three men don’t cross paths until around 1996.

Who kills Kanan?

Kanan’s death ultimately came in Power Season 5 when he was set up to be the fall guy for Ray Ray’s murder, which was committed by Tariq. When police located the gun during a traffic stop with Kanan and Tariq, Kanan got into a shootout with them.

Is Kanan Ghost brother?

Ghost is not related to Kanan. However, Kanan was a mentor to both Ghost and Tommy. It was Kanan along with his business partner Breeze who taught the men everything they knew about the drug business.