Are Tamara and Jay still together?

Ecclestone married Jay Rutland in June 2013. They have two daughters, Sophia and Serena. The family resides in a house in Kensington Palace Gardens in London that was purchased for £45 million in 2011.

Who is Petra Ecclestone partner?

James Stunt
Petra Ecclestone / Spouse (m. 2011–2017)

Who is Tamara Ecclestones husband?

Jay Rutland
Tamara Ecclestone / Husband (m. 2013)

What does Jay Rutland do for a living?

Jay Rutland / Profession

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Did Tamara get her Jewellery back?

Tamara Ecclestone said only a single pair of earrings has been recovered so far, and she has accepted she will “likely never see” most of her stolen belongings again, which included family heirlooms and a “lifetime’s worth” of jewelry that she said was “far more valuable to me than their monetary worth.”

What is Bernie Ecclestones net worth?

3 billion USD (2022)
Bernie Ecclestone / Net worth

How did Jay Rutland make his money?

What is Jay Rutland’s job? Jay makes his money through his company Bigrate Business Developments, Ltd which operates with management consulting services. Jay doesn’t quite have the fortune of his wife, but he is worth A LOT of money. He has an estimated wealth of £38 million.

How Old Is Jay Rutland?

41 years (March 11, 1981)
Jay Rutland / Age

Where was Jay Rutland born?

Essex, United Kingdom
Jay Rutland / Place of birth

Who is Jay Rutlands sister?

Joanne Wheatley
Jay Rutland / Sister

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Who is Jay Rutland married to?

Tamara Ecclestone
Jay Rutland / Spouse (m. 2013)

Does Tamara Ecclestone’s daughter go to school?

Tamara Ecclestone officially gave her daughter Fifi the most exciting send off as the youngster went back to school this week. Like many other parents across the country, Tamara, 38, and husband Jay Rutland, 41, were no doubt emotional as they prepared to pack off their eldest daughter to start the new school year.