Are the guys on Love and Marriage Huntsville Brothers?

He Frequently Works Alongside His Older Brother

Marsau’s older brother, Maurice Scott, is also a reality television celebrity and a commercial real estate developer. In fact, both brothers star in Love & Marriage: Huntsville and can be seen together on several episodes.

How old is Marsau Scott?

43 years (October 17, 1979)
Marsau Scott / Age

Did LaTisha Scott have a baby?

The couple is blessed with three children: Marsau J.r. (13), Maci (8), and Mila (5). In January 2019, Scott and her husband were cast to play on OWN’s reality T.V. show titled “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” The show follows three African American couples who come together to help the city of Huntsville in Alabama.

How old is LaTisha Scott?

41 years (October 1, 1981)
Latisha Scott / Age

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What does Arionne Curry do?

She’s a business owner. Arionne Curry may play the “bad guy” on TV, but she plays the role of a business owner at home. She owns a clothing store called Aris that uses fashion to empower and inspire women. At Aris, you can find a number of apparel items, all handpicked by Curry herself.

What type of nurse is Kimmi Scott?

Kimmi Scott is a Registered Nurse

Scott really put her nursing degree to use during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is Wanda fired from Love and Marriage Huntsville?

Fans of the show are outraged and started a petition to urge producers to fire Miss Wanda from the show. Initially, Martell said Miss Wanda had been fired, but Marsau denies it and claims Miss Wanda will continue to film scenes with her family.

Did Marsau Scott have a baby?

Scott is a commercial general contractor and currently works as the C.E.O. of a construction company. LaTisha Scott, his wife, is the C.E.O. of Infinity Properties, a commercial land improvement company. The couple has three children together: Milla, Maci, and Marsau Jr.

Is Kimmi and Maurice still married?

She is married to Maurice Scott, who owns a credit counseling company in Huntsville, Alabama called Credit 1 USA.

How old is Martell on Huntsville?

41 years (January 4, 1982)
Martell Holt / Age

What is Kimmi Scott illness?

As reported, during the November 12th episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, Kimmi was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, stage two. Following her diagnosis, Kimmi decided to take her oncologist’s advice and cut off her hair to avoid the traumatic process of losing her hair to chemotherapy.

Who is Martell’s girlfriend Huntsville?

7/26/2022 12:50 AM PT. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield has a new man in her life and he’s a fellow reality TV star. Sources in the know tell TMZ Sheree is dating Martell Holt from “Love & Marriage Huntsville” and they’ve been seeing each other for a little over two months.