Are the Village People still around?

Today, the group only has one of it’s original members, Victor Willis (the Policeman), but he’s fronting a whole new revival with The Village People.

Who are the current members of the Village People?

Village People/Members

What happened to the lead singer of the Village People?

In 2017, Willis and Henri Belolo, Morali’s business partner and co-owner of the group, reached an out-of-court settlement whereby Willis resumed his role as lead singer of Village People, and they resumed recording and touring internationally.

How many original village people are there?

*There were originally 7 Village People. *The original Village People leather man is Lee Moulton. *The original Village People cowboy is David Forrest.

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How much are the Village People worth?

Together they own residences in New York City and San Diego. Wealth: Victor owns 50% of the Village People’s music catalog. This asset alone is reportedly worth $20-$30 million.

Victor Willis Net Worth.

Net Worth: $30 Million
Gender Male
Profession Singer-songwriter, actor

When did the Village People break up?

But the makeovers failed, and the Village People broke up in 1986, re-forming two years later with no plan other than to churn out the old hits without the man who originally sung them. ‘We have new material,’ admits Briley, ‘but we haven’t found anything better than “YMCA” – that’s the problem.

Who was the original biker in the Village People?

Glenn Hughes, the original biker of the Village People, lived for the disco group he joined 24 years ago, even requesting to be buried in his leather costume, friends said Tuesday (March 13). Hughes died of lung cancer March 4 in his Manhattan, New York, home.

Who is the original lead singer of the Village People?

Village People co-founder and original lead singer, Victor Willis, announced his return to the iconic ’70s disco group after a 38-year absence.

Who was the original leather man in the Village People?

Glenn Michael Hughes (July 18, 1950 – March 4, 2001) was an American singer who was the original “Leatherman” character in the disco group Village People from 1977 to 1996. New York City, U.S.

Are there any original members left in the Village People?

To date, Victor Willis is the only original member of the group. Village People in 1978. From left: Randy Jones, Glenn Hughes, Felipe Rose, Victor Willis, David Hodo, Alex Briley.

Who is the current cowboy in the Village People?

Randy Jones (born September 13, 1952) is an American disco and pop singer and best known as the cowboy from Village People from 1977 to 1980, and again from 1987 until 1990.

Randy Jones (singer)

Randy Jones
Years active 1977–present

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