Are Yoshi Sudarso and Peter Sudarso brothers?

Sudarso also has one younger brother, Peter Adrian Sudarso, who is also an actor and model.

How old is Yoshi Sudarso?

33 years (April 12, 1989)
Yoshi Sudarso / Age

Who are the Sudarso brothers?

Peter Adrian Sudarso
Yoshi Sudarso / Brother

Is Yoshi Sudarso married?

Sarah Garcia
Yoshi Sudarso / Spouse (m. 2015)

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How tall is Yoshi Sudarso?

1.83 m
Yoshi Sudarso / Height

How old is Peter Sudarso?

32 years (August 20, 1990)
Peter Adrian Sudarso / Age

How tall is Peter Sudarso?

1.78 m
Peter Adrian Sudarso / Height

Who plays the blue Power Ranger in Ninja steel?

Peter Adrian Sudarso who plays the Blue Ranger in this series, is the real life younger brother of Yoshi Sudarso who played Koda in the previous Power Ranger series, Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015).

Who is the longest running Power Ranger?

Along with having the most episode appearances, Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) also holds the record for having the longest continuous stint as leader of the team, being named leader in the early half of Season 2 when he received the White Ranger powers, and not leaving until half-way through Power Rangers Turbo, in

Is the Gold Power Ranger a girl?

Gold Rangers have a distinction of always being a Sixth Ranger of the main team. As of the introduction of the Gold Ranger, in universe there has never been a female Gold Ranger.

Who is the most powerful Ranger in Ninja steel?

Strongest — T.J. Johnson (Turbo, In Space)

He’s also made appearances in reunion episodes since, including “Legendary Battle” in 2014, and this year’s “Dimensions in Danger” episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. All these years, and T.J. still hasn’t lost his touch.

Who is the Blue Omega Ranger?

Blue Omega Ranger (III)

Kiya is an alien adventurer from the planet Khoodjah who helped the Omega Rangers & ultimately become the third Omega Blue Ranger. She eventually goes insane and believes all Power Rangers to be the enemy.