Did Alison Victoria ever win Rock the Block?

Alison Victoria of “Windy City Rehab” has served up stunning designs on both seasons of the HGTV hit “Rock the Block.” Unfortunately, she didn’t emerge victorious on either season. Victoria and her Season 2 teammate, Mike Holmes of “Holmes on Homes,” did snag wins on two of the show’s five challenges.

Did any of the houses from Rock the Block sell?

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson’s ‘Rock the Block’-Winning Home Sells for $1.32M.

Who is Alison Victoria’s partner on Rock the Block?

Alison Victoria from Windy City Rehab returned from Season 1 of Rock the Block to pair up with Mike Holmes from Holmes + Holmes. “I’m a designer and [Mike’s] a genius in the build. It’s a partnership like no other,” said Alison.

How much did Mika and Brian’s house sell for on Rock the Block?

Brian and Mika were named the winners of Season 2 Rock the Block with a final appraisal of $625,000. After just six days on the market, the house sold for the full asking price of $635,000.

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Is Jade the biological daughter of Brian and Mika?

Many people aren’t aware that Brian isn’t Jade’s biological father, as her father is Mika’s previous partner.

Did Keith and Evan sell the weird house?

According to Zillow, the ‘weird’ home sold on November 10th 2021 at $110,900.

Where do Keith and Evan really live?

Bynum and Thomas live in Detroit, Michigan, where they run a business (Nine Design + Homes) buying abandoned houses in neglected neighborhoods and flipping them, selling them as finished, furnished starter homes for lower-income buyers.

What are Keith and Evan doing now?

While in Colorado, Evan and Keith developed an interest in the Detroit revitalization and, after Evan finished graduate school, they moved to Motor City to start their own company buying, renovating and selling real estate. The couple is also competes in season 3 of HGTV’s hit series Rock the Block.

How much do Bargain Block guys make?

The Bargain Block guys pay for HGTV renos

Keith and Evan then sell them for a profit, as per Stars Offline, between $70,000 to $100,000. The most profit they make per house is estimated to be around $55,000 – with co-star Shea Hicks-Whitfield often helping them to sell.

Where do the guys from Bargain Block really live?

Well, it turns out that Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas of “Bargain Block” are, in fact, a couple. As noted by PrideSource, the two met via online dating site Match.com while they both lived in Colorado and have been going strong ever since.

Do the houses on Bargain Block come furnished?

With sound advice and support from their friend — lifetime Detroit resident and real estate expert Shea Hicks-Whitfield — Keith and Evan buy multiple rundown and abandoned houses on a single block, take them down to the studs, and create affordable, stylish and fully furnished starter homes that are ideal for first-

How much is Keith on Bargain Block worth?

Because Keith has been in the renovation business for more than five years, he has an estimated net worth of about $1.5 million.