Did Apple Watts pass away?

Apple Watts is not dead

She was driving a black Mercedes and the car collided with a Ford F250 pickup truck. Due to the impact of the crash, her car flipped multiple times and “burst into flames,” revealed California Highway Patrol Officer Ramon Duran.

What’s Apple Watts real name?

Apple Watts, whose real name is Jontelle Lafaye Watts, was brought to safety by a passenger in the aforementioned pickup truck. According to Duran, the reality TV star has been admitted to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas after suffering “major injuries.”

Who is Apple Watts baby daddy?

As for Apple’s baby daddy, so far we can only confirm that she has been in a serious relationship with Ty Turtle, a basketball player currently on the roster for Juan Aldama Aguamieleros, one of the inaugural teams in the new Mexican Liga de Desarrollo de Talentos.

What is Apple Watts Instagram name?

Apple Watts (@therealapplewatts) • Instagram photos and videos.

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How is Apple Watts doing after car accident?

How is Apple Watts doing now? On April 12, 2022, Dominique provided an update after Apple reportedly had successful surgery on her neck on March 29. She confirmed that her sister still cannot close her right eye and will received an operation on April 15, 2022.

How many kids does Apple Watts have?

She has three children, Richard, Kali and Miyaki Watts, from previous relationships.

What is Apple Watts sister name?

Apple Watts claims that her sister, Domonique Flournoy, treated her badly and stole her GoFundMe donations on instagram.

Who is Apple Watts and what happened to her?

Watts, who appeared in the fifth and sixth season of the VH1 series, reportedly got into a crash with a pickup truck on Wednesday morning while driving in Baker, California, on Interstate 15. Per the California Highway Patrol, Watts’s car flipped multiple times and burst into flames.

Where is Apple Watts today?

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood alum Apple Watts is officially on the mend following the awful car crash that caused her severe injuries a few months ago and left her in critical condition. The video model turned aspiring rapper has been in the hospital since March 2022.

Is Apple Watts getting better?

Apple has been doing much better than before and her sister has been beside her since day 1. In a video that was uploaded to Apple’s official Instagram account, the reality star’s sister turned the camera towards Apple to let everyone know she was doing much better than before.

Is Apple Watts from Love & Hip Hop okay?

Apple Watts is “unresponsive but stable” according to her sister, Dominique Flournoy. A few weeks after the incident, Apple’s sister, Dominique Flournoy, shared an update with friends and family.

What happen to April Watts?

The accident involved a diesel truck, and Apple’s car, unfortunately, flipped multiple times, causing her to be ejected out of the window. Her sister tells us that she is unresponsive at the moment, and she suffered a fractured skull, a broken spine, and a shattered arm.