Did Brandon Vera retire?

Vera departed the sport with three straight losses for the only time in his career. The former ONE heavyweight champion and WEC heavyweight grand prix winner said fighting has taken a serious toll on his body, which prompted his decision to retire.

Why did Brandon Vera leave UFC?

He’s just rubbed the wrong way by how things ended between him and his former employer. Vera told MMA Fighting that after he turned down the UFC’s initial contract extension offer earlier this year, he found out from social media that he had been released from the organization.

What ethnicity is Brandon Vera?

Brandon Michael Vera (born October 10, 1977), or also known by his ring name as The Truth, is a Filipino-American retired mixed martial artist where he was the inaugural ONE Heavyweight Champion and the 2005 WEC Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion.

Who is Brandon Veras wife?

Personal life. Kerry married MMA fighter Brandon Vera on February 5, 2006.

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What does Marlon Vera’s daughter have?

Ana Paula has a rare neurological condition Möbius syndrome, for which Vera created a GoFundMe account. In June 2018, Vera announced that they had raised sufficient donations for a surgery, which was planned to take place in California during the summer of 2018.

How old is Brandon Vera?

45 years (October 10, 1977)
Brandon Vera / Age

How tall is Brandon Vera?

6′ 4″
Brandon Vera / Height

How much does Brandon Vera weigh?

205 lbs
Brandon Vera / Weight

Where does Brandon Vera train?

Former ONE Championship Heavyweight World Champion Brandon ‘The Truth’ Vera currently runs his very own Philippines Alliance Training Center, developing the next generation of Filipino martial artists right where he got his own professional start training in submission grappling.

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Who is the Filipino UFC fighter?

1. Brandon Vera. Brandon Michael Vera is a Filipino-American ONE Championship MMA fighter. Vera previously competed in the UFC, where he had a 15-7-0 record (1 NC).

Where is Vera fighter from?

Marlon Andres Vera Delgado (born December 2, 1992) is an Ecuadorian professional mixed martial artist. He currently competes in the Bantamweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Vera first appeared on The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America.