Did Christina Crawford ever get married?

While in a summer stock production of “Splendor in the Grass”, she met a man she would eventually marry, but the marriage didn’t last long. Christina was cast on the TV soap opera The Secret Storm (1954) in 1968.

How much did Christina Crawford inherit?

Crawford left about $2 million in her will. On October 28, 1976, less than a year before her death, she had made a new will. She left a trust fund of $77,500 to each of her adopted twin daughters, $35,000 to her longtime friend and secretary, Betty Barker, and smaller bequests to a few other people.

How old is Christina in Mommie Dearest?

She asserts that Joan was jealous of her daughter’s burgeoning acting career, to the point of taking over Christina’s role in the soap opera The Secret Storm while Christina was in the hospital recovering from an operation to remove an ovarian cyst. (Christina’s character was 28 years old; Joan was then in her 60s.)

Did Joan Crawford have any biological children?

Christina Crawford And Her Childhood

Unable to have any children of her own, the actress adopted Christina in 1939, followed by Christopher in 1943, and two twin daughters, Catherine and Cynthia, in 1947. Joan Crawford had attempted to adopt a child prior to Christina, but he was reclaimed by his birth mother.

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Is Joan Crawford’s house still standing?

Crawford’s actual house is still standing, but the production had to find a different home to serve as the exterior.

Why did Joan Crawford strap her son in bed at night?

‘ At night she says her brother Christopher was strapped into bed with a canvas harness to prevent him from walking to the toilet.

Why didnt Joan Crawford have biological children?

Crawford never had any biological children of her own. Some speculate Crawford was too vain to have children but she felt her need of unconditional love would come from children.

Did Joan Crawford adopt her daughter?

Christina was one of five children adopted by Joan. Her siblings were Christopher, adopted in 1943, and twin girls Catherine (Cathy) and Cynthia (Cindy) — adopted in 1947.

Was Mommie Dearest exaggerated?

And perhaps most surprisingly and most interestingly, there’s a fair bit of evidence that Christina Crawford was exaggerating much of Mommie Dearest (and it goes without saying that the movie version of her book is almost complete fiction).

Who was Christina Crawford’s real mother?

Joan Crawford
Christina Crawford / Mother

Joan Crawford was an American actress. She started her career as a dancer in traveling theatrical companies before debuting on Broadway. Crawford was signed to a motion picture contract by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1925.


How much is Joan Crawford estate worth?

Joan Crawford Net Worth
Net Worth: $8.5 Million
Date of Birth Mar 23, 1904 – May 10, 1977 (73 years old)
Place of Birth San Antonio
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)

Who got Bette Davis money?

According to her last will and testament, Bette’s estate was worth $1 Million. The bulk of the estate was left to her adopted son, Michael Merrill. The other beneficiary was her close friend and assistant Kathryn Sermack.