Did David Chase ever appear in The Sopranos?

David Henry Chase (born August 22, 1945) is an American screenwriter, director and producer. He created The Sopranos, serving as the series showrunner and head writer. He also made a few cameo appearances as minor characters, as well as directing two episodes.

What nationality is David Chase?

Chase was born into a working-class Italian American family in Mount Vernon, New York, the only child of Henry and Norma Chase. His paternal grandmother had changed the family name from “DeCesare” to “Chase”. His father owned a hardware store.

Why did David Chase make The Sopranos?

His own stretch in therapy and lingering feelings about his family were the genesis for “The Sopranos.” As Chase told Salon: “People keep calling [“The Sopranos”] a story about a mobster with a midlife crisis, and maybe it’s evolved into that.

What shows did David Chase create?

  • The Many Saints of Newark. producer (produced by, p.g.a.)
  • Not Fade Away. producer.
  • The Sopranos. executive producer.
  • The Rockford Files: Punishment and Crime.
  • The Rockford Files: Friends and Foul Play.
  • The Rockford Files: Godfather Knows Best.
  • The Rockford Files: If the Frame Fits
  • Northern Exposure.

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How old is David Chase?

77 years (August 22, 1945)
David Chase / Age

What episodes did David Chase write?

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  • All Due Respect (The Sopranos)
  • Amour Fou (The Sopranos)
  • Army of One (The Sopranos)

What is the message of Sopranos?

Simply put: It is impossible for a person to compartmentalize evil acts and separate them from the rest of his or her life. In the case of a gangland boss like Tony Soprano, it is impossible to maintain a real family and a Mafia family without having the latter corrupt and threaten the former.

Is the Chase based on a true story?

The Chase is a 1991 crime drama television film starring Casey Siemaszko and Ben Johnson. It was directed by Paul Wendkos. The film is based on the true story of American bank robber Phillip Hutchinson, who robbed a bank, killed a police officer, and took a man hostage in a 1988 rampage in Denver, Colorado.

What is David Chase’s real name?

David Henry DeCesare
David Chase / Full name

Who is David Chase married to?

Denise Kelly
David Chase / Spouse (m. 1968)

Denise Kelly is an Irish harpist and composer. She was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and was educated at the Royal Irish Academy and at Trinity College, Dublin, where she graduated with a Master of Music degree.


Who created the wire?

A Former Baltimore Sun crime reporter, David Simon is the author of the book, “The Corner”, and is also the creator of both the Baltimore-based show, The Wire (2002), and the inspiration behind the show, Homicide: Life on the Street (1993).

Who started The Sopranos?

The Sopranos, American television drama considered a masterpiece by critics and audiences alike. Created and written by David Chase, The Sopranos aired for six seasons (1999–2007) on Home Box Office (HBO) and earned an international following as a result of its broadcasts abroad.