Did Devin Booker start a college game?

That’s quite the jump from the freshman guard who did not start a single game in Kentucky. Here’s a closer look at what Booker’s one year in Lexington taught us about his NBA future.

How long was Devin Booker in college?

Where is Booker from? Grand Rapids, Michigan. He played college basketball for Kentucky (2014-’15).

How many games did Devin Booker play in college?


When did Devin Booker start playing NBA?

Booker entered the 2015 NBA Draft after his freshman season and was selected in the first round (13th overall) by the Phoenix Suns.

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Who is the youngest NBA player?

Jalen Duren is the youngest player in the NBA, per NBC Sports, at 18. He was drafted No. 13 overall in the 2022 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Hornets.

Did Devin Booker score 70 as a rookie?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone, who rank first and second on the all-time NBA career scoring list, never scored 70 or more, either. But on that night in Boston, Booker did. And at the age of 20, he was the youngest ever to score 70 points in a game. Or even 60.

How old was Devin Booker when he got 70?

It was the 11th time ever that an NBA game witnessed a 70-point performance. Aged 20 at that time, Booker was the youngest player ever to score at least 60 or 70 in an NBA game. March 24, 2017.

Did Devin Booker make all NBA team?

Booker is the 16th player in franchise history to make an All-NBA team. For the first team specifically, he is the eighth and the first since both Steve Nash and Amar’e Stoudemire were on the 2007 edition.

Why did Devin Booker replace Anthony Davis?

Davis, voted in as a reserve, is sidelined by a strained right calf. Booker has received both of his All-Star selections as an injury replacement. He’s averaging 24.7 points, 4.3 assists, 3.8 rebounds and shooting a career-high 50.1% from the field.

Who disrespected Devin Booker?

But the Denver Nuggets tried a new trick on Thursday night by showing a photo of Los Angeles Clippers’ Amir Coffey on the video board when Booker was up during starting lineup announcements. Whether it was an honest mistake or an actual ploy to get Booker off his game, it certainly didn’t work.

Why is Devin Booker not an All-Star?

Booker and Paul were named as All-Star reserves after being outvoted as starters for the Western Conference. Fans accounted for 50% of the vote, while the votes for players and media each carried 25% of the weight.