Did Gladys West invent GPS?

In her autobiography, West spoke of some of the complex problems she solved, which had proven too difficult for other members of the team. West’s model ultimately became the basis for the Global Positioning System (GPS).

What did Gladys West do for a living?

In 1956 Gladys was hired as a mathematician by the U.S. Naval Proving Ground, a weapons laboratory in Dahlgren, Virginia, as only their fourth Black employee. There she met Ira V. West, another Black mathematician on the base; the couple married in 1957 and had three children.

What did Dr Gladys West invent?

West, who was born in 1930, worked as a mathematician, collecting and analyzing satellite data of the Earth’s surface, until she eventually created a detailed model and helped developed the technology that resulted in GPS, the global navigational satellite system that can accurately determine your position anywhere on

Does Gladys West have a PhD?

Gladys also holds a Master’s of Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma and a PhD in Public Administration from Virginia Tech. Dr. West began her career in 1956 at the Naval Proving Ground, now called Naval Support Facility Dahlgren.

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