Did Jayda get her eyes done?

After denying rumors of having any work done, Jayda Cheaves confirms she did indeed have an eye lift procedure. Cheaves posted to her Instagram story, “She look different I don’t like her face Shut up y’all ain’t say that till i put a wig on my head.

Did Jayda wayda have face surgery?

#PressPlay: #JaydaCheaves explains why she had eyelid surgery. She also revealed she’s filming a reality show. Jayda Wayda still looking good though!

What is Jayda cheaves real name?

What is Jayda Cheaves real name? While many people have known her as ‘Jayda Wayda/Ayanna,’ her birth name is Jayda Cheaves.

How does Jayda cheaves make money?

The 25-year-old influencer outlines how she grew a massive social media following of 300K followers as a 15-year-old student personalizing her high school uniform. She got her first introduction to business by reselling her weekend clothes on Poshmark.

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Are Jayda and Ari still friends?

After months of rumors that the two were no longer friends, it looks like Jayda and Ari’s friendship is doing just fine.

How did Jayda become a millionaire?

From launching her own hair business to being an ambassador for brands like Savage x Fenty and Fashion Nova, the mother of one is just one of a few influencers that flipped her social capital into a lucrative cash flow that made her a successful entrepreneur.

What does Jayda cheaves do for a living?

Profile summary
Full name Jayda Cheaves
Profession Social media influencer, actress, author, entrepreneur
Alma mater University of Georgia
Net worth $2.5 million
Instagram @jaydacheaves

How much does Jayda cheaves make a year?

Jayda is a serial entrepreneur who is known as an Instagram model and YouTube sensation. She also has an online company that earns her an estimated annual revenue of about $2million.

What job does Jayda wayda do?

Jayda Wayda, also known as Amour Jayda and Jayda Ayanna, is a well-known Instagram celebrity. She is a successful entrepreneur that sells wigs, clothes items, accessories, and other hair-related products in addition to being an Instagram influencer.

Why is Jayda in jail?

According to reports, Jayda was arrested while vacationing. The report claims that she was “detained for guns.” It also states that her firearms are licensed in the United States, but were brought to the country unauthorized.

Who did Jayda sue?

Blogs are reporting that Jayda allegedly hit the jackpot after settling her lawsuit against Walgreens. According to reports, Jayda sued Walgreens after a worker released her prescription information to the public. Check out the details below. Home of the six-time NBA Champions.

How long was Jayda and baby together?

In December 2021, she spoke on Hollywood Unlocked about their relationship, sharing that she and Lil Baby met in Atlanta and were together for nearly six years.