Did Jose Feliciano pass?

Feliciano died shortly after 4 a.m, according to Axel Valencia, a San Juan police spokesman. The El Nuevo Dia newspaper said his Jaguar hit an electricity pole.

When did Jose Feliciano died?

April 17, 2014
Cheo Feliciano / Date of death

How did Jose Feliciano become blind?

Feliciano was born in Lares, Puerto Rico, one of twelve children. He is blind because of congenital glaucoma. He was first exposed to music at age three. When he was five, his family moved to Spanish Harlem, New York City and, at age nine, he played on the Teatro Puerto Rico.

Did Jose Feliciano have children?

José Feliciano/Children

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What was Jose Feliciano’s biggest hit?

Light My Fire

Where does the name Feliciano come from?

Italian Spanish and Portuguese: from a medieval personal name (from Latin Felicianus a derivative of Felix ). The name was borne by a number of early Christian saints most notably a 3rd-century bishop of Foligno and apostle of Umbria.

Is Jose Feliciano married with children?

Feliciano and Omillian dated 11 years before marrying in 1982. The couple have two sons, one daughter and reside in Weston, Connecticut.

Was Jose Feliciano married?

José Feliciano/Spouse

Who is José Feliciano family?

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Does Jose Feliciano have a disability?

Feliciano was born in 1945 in Lares, Puerto Rico and has been blind since birth. He was five when he and his family migrated to Spanish Harlem and it was in New York City where he developed his love for music and crafted his skills on the guitar.

How many blind singers are there?

Here are ten musicians who have not allowed their visual disability to get in the way of their musical gift.
  • Stevie Wonder (1950-present)
  • Ray Charles (1930-2004)
  • Rod Clemmons (1945-)
  • Jeff Healy (1966-2008)
  • Nobuyuki Tsujii (1998-present)
  • Diane Schuur (1954-present)
  • Ronnie Milsap (1943-present)

Which composer had a disability?

Ludwig van Beethoven

If you know of just one disabled musician, it’s likely Beethoven. Famous for composing after having lost his hearing, Beethoven is the landmark figure in classical music.