Did Laura from Family Matters pass away?

How did Urkel’s girlfriend died?

Later life and death

After being released from the hospital, Thomas flew home to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with her family. Unfortunately, on December 23, 1998, Thomas died surrounded by her family and friends in New York City at Manhattan’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, at the age of 30.

What happened to Judy off of Family Matters?

As the show started revolving more around Steve Urkel, the producers of the show thought that Judy was unneeded and she was more of a background character who was given very few lines. She disappeared after the episode “Mama’s Wedding”, where she is last seen walking down the aisle as the flower girl.

Why was Rachel written off Family Matters?

Rachel Appears In the first three seasons & appears infrequently for a number of episodes In the fourth season due towards her getting her own sitcom called Getting By. The Sitcom Getting By was canceled after two seasons and she returned to Family Matters after a year’s absence.

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Did Urkel and Laura get married?

But, ultimately, that season was never produced, which meant that Urkel and Laura’s wedding never got to take place onscreen. The fact that fans never got to see the long-awaited wedding hasn’t dimmed anyone’s affection for Family Matters, or for the character of Urkel.

Why did Family Matters end the way it did?

Unfortunately, Family Matters rapidly declined in popularity following its fifth season, culminating in a network change, the departure of a major co-star and poor ratings, which ultimately led to its cancellation.

What happened to Rachel’s place in Family Matters?

Steve Urkel burns down the local hamburger place while playing chef.

Why was Valerie Jones replaced on Family Matters?

Valerie Jones played Judy, the youngest Winslow child, in the pilot but was replaced by Jaimee Foxworth. Judy had little screen time. When Foxworth requested a salary increase, producers wrote her off the series.

Why did Telma Hopkins leave Family Matters?

She left Family Matters to star as the co-lead (with Cindy Williams) of the sitcom Getting By which aired for two seasons (one on ABC, the other on NBC) from 1993-94. In later years, she appeared as Richard T.

Why did the mother leave Family Matters?

Payton left Family Matters partway through its final season, appearing for the last time on December 19, 1997, during increasing tension between her and star Jaleel White (the two nearly came to blows and had to be physically separated during Payton’s penultimate episode).

Was Harriet pregnant on Family Matters?

Harriette graduated from the Police Academy and had police training. She left the force when she was pregnant with Eddie. Harriette left the force to work as an elevator operator in the Chicago Chronicle. She worked there in seasons 3-4 of Perfect Strangers.

Why did the first Harriet leave Family Matters?

“I actually made the decision to leave the show two years before I left. I was unhappy about a lot of things; I was going through a divorce, I wasn’t happy on the show — it didn’t mean I did not want to perform as an actress or an artist,” Payton reveals.