Did Lee Majors and Linda Evans ever date?

With his career soaring, Lee began dating again. He dated his Big Valley co-star, Linda Evans, for a while.

Why did Linda Evans leave Dynasty?

But Dynasty ended in 1989 and after a few years — when it became clear that Evans, who by then had left Hollywood to live in rural Washington state, was no longer looking for acting work — the scripts and offers stopped coming her way.

How old was Linda Evans during the filming of Big Valley?

Evans was only 23 years old when she started on The Big Valley, and quickly gravitated toward the 58-year-old Stanwyck. After Evans’ mother died during production of the series, Stanwyck said, “I will never replace your mother, but I will be your mom now.”

How old was Linda Evans when she married John Derek?

Evans met actor John Derek on the set of her new gig, and despite their considerable age difference (he was 42, she was 26), the two were soon living together and were married in 1968.

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How many seasons was Linda Evans in Dynasty?

Evans left Dynasty in 1989, four months before the series came to an end, after only appearing in six episodes of the 22-episode ninth and final season. After leaving Dynasty, Evans semiretired from acting and made only occasional television appearances.

How does Linda Evans feel about Bo Derek?

Evans insisted that she is friends with the “10” star and even called Bo Derek a “lovely woman.” “I’m not friends with anyone unless I really like them,” Evans explained.

Who is Bo Derek’s love interest?

A Secret Wedding! After nearly two decades of dating, John Corbett and Bo Derek finally tied the knot!

How old was John Derek when he met Bo Derek?

John Derek was 46 years old when he fell for the charms of a 16-year-old Californian actress who would become Bo Derek.

How old was Bo Derek when she was in 10?

How old was Bo Derek when “10” was filmed? The movie “10” was filmed when Derek was 23 years old.

Who was Bo Derek’s first husband?

John Derek

Who was John Derek’s wives?

John Derek/Wife

Who was John Derek married to before Bo Derek?

Pati Behrs