Did Robert Clary have any children?

Mr. Clary married Natalie Cantor, the daughter of singer-actor Eddie Cantor, in 1965. She died in 1997. He had no children.

Did Robert Clary marry?

In 1965, Clary married Natalie Cantor, daughter of his mentor, the singer Eddie Cantor; she died in 1997.

How tall is Robert Clary?

1.55 m
Robert Clary / Height

Who played the Frenchman on Hogan’s Heroes?

Robert Clary, a Parisian Jew who survived concentration camps as a youth and went on to star on “Hogan’s Heroes,” the hit 1960s sitcom set in a German prisoner-of-war camp during World War II, died on Wednesday at his home in Beverly Hills, Calif., He was 96. Brenda Hancock, a niece, confirmed the death.

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Why do they call LeBeau cockroach?

Both Schultz and Klink frequently refer to LeBeau as “the cockroach”, due to his small stature. Actor Robert Clary was a French Jew who, during the Holocaust, was held in the Ottmuth and Buchenwald concentration camps, and still had his serial number tattooed on his arm.

How much of Hogan’s Heroes is true?

“The producers of ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ included many details which were true to life. The camp commandant, Colonel Klink in the TV series, was actually an older German officer, General Gunther von Goeckel, who had been pressed back into service as the war progressed.

Why did Leonid Kinskey leave Hogan’s Heroes?

He is in the pilot episode only, Hogan’s Heroes: The Informer (1965). He decided not to be in the series because he didn’t believe that one could have a comedy take place in a German PJOW camp.

How many of Hogan heroes are still alive?

Unlike other second chance shows, Hogan’s Heroes can’t just pick up where the original show ended or recast the lead characters. For one thing, not many modern viewers would be keen on watching a comedy set during World War II. There is also only one member of the original cast still alive.

Who were the extras on Hogan’s Heroes?

Hogan’s four right-hand assistants are Lebeau (Robert Clary), Kinchloe (Ivan Dixon), Carter (Larry Hovis), and Newkirk, (Richard Dawson). The five of them stick together and rarely interact with the other prisoners of war.

Why did Sigrid Valdis leave Hogan’s Heroes?

Ateyeh died in 1967. Valdis’ second marriage was to Hogan’s Heroes star Bob Crane on the set of the series on October 16, 1970. Co-star Richard Dawson served as Crane’s best man. Following the birth of their son Robert Scott Crane in 1971, Valdis retired from acting.

Why did Carter always wear gloves?

Throughout the episode, a wedding band can be spotted on his ring finger. Hovis was proudly married — but his character, Andrew Carter, was not. The actor refused to take off the ring to honor his bond. So, for the rest of the series, Carter typically wears gloves to cover up the ring.

Is General Burkhalter’s scar real?

General Burkhalter (Leon Askin) had a scar on his face from an old duel. But it wasn’t a fake scar just for the show. Leon actually got his scar from being beaten up by the SS just for being Jewish. His birth name was originally Leo Aschkenasy.