Did Sylvester Stallone get hurt in First Blood?

For the scene where Rambo jumps off the cliff and injures himself on some tree branches on the way down, Stallone performs the stunt himself during the bottom third of the fall, and in the process, broke one of his ribs when he landed on the tree branch.

How much did Sylvester Stallone make for Rambo First Blood?

Most reports say that Sylvester Stallone earned $3.5 million for his role in the first Rambo movie, First Blood.

How old was Rocky in Rocky 1?

In the first movie, Rocky is a 30-year-old club boxer from Philadelphia who works as a debt collector for a loan shark. When heavyweight champion Apollo Creed has an opponent drop out of a fight with a broken hand and can’t find a replacement, he decides to give a local underdog an opportunity at the title.

How old was Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 6?

Like Rocky himself, 2006’s Rocky Balboa was a true underdog. When news broke that Stallone was dragging his (then) 60-year-old self back in to the ring for one more round, it was met with enough simultaneous eye-rolls to reverse the Earth’s rotation.

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Was Rocky made in 3 days?

Rocky entered development in March 1975, after Stallone wrote the screenplay in three days.

Directed by John G. Avildsen
Written by Sylvester Stallone
Produced by Irwin Winkler Robert Chartoff
Starring Sylvester Stallone Talia Shire Burt Young Carl Weathers Burgess Meredith

Is there Rocky 7?

The franchise will continue with a third Creed film is scheduled for release in 2023, while a seventh Rocky movie, and a prequel television series are in development.

Did Rocky go blind?

Rocky initially declines and retires from boxing, having surgery for retinal detachment, a condition that could lead to permanent blindness. He marries Adrian, who convinces him to live outside boxing.

Is Rocky 1 real?

At a theater in Los Angeles, struggling actor Sylvester Stallone watched the Ali-Wepner fight and promptly went home and banged out the script for a little movie called “Rocky.” It wasn’t based on a true story — not directly. But it was inspired by and borrowed heavily from a true story.

Is Rocky the dog still alive?

According to an interview with Stallone, Butkus died of a heart attack in 1981.

Why is Rocky’s son older in Rocky 5?

Rocky Krakoff, who played Rocky’s son in that film, and Sage Stallone were both born in 1976, meaning they would have been 14 when this film came out. That means Rocky’s son would’ve aged five years from the time Rocky went to Russia and came back.

How old was Rocky in Rocky 5?

The events of Rocky V took place a year after Rocky IV which makes it 1986 when the Balboa family lost their fortune and moved back to South Philly and Rocky began training Tommy Gunn. Rocky was about 40 in Rocky V.

Who is Rocky’s son in Rocky 6?

Milo Ventimiglia to Play Rocky Balboa, Jr in ROCKY 6 (2005)