Did the Raiders give JaMarcus Russell blank tapes?

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A few years ago, former Giants offensive lineman David Diehl told a story about how the Raiders sent Russell home with blank tapes to play “gotcha” with him when it turned out he did not watch film.

How much did JaMarcus Russell make?

JaMarcus Russell signed a 6 year, $61,000,000 contract with the Oakland Raiders, including $32,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $10,166,667.

Current Contract.

Contract: 6 yr(s) / $61,000,000
Average Salary $10,166,667
Total Guarantees $32,000,000
Guaranteed at Signing
Free Agent: 2013 / UFA

1 more row

What does JaMarcus Russell do now?

Since 2018, Russell has spent the last few years as the quarterback’s coach at Williamson High School, his alma mater in Alabama.

How tall is JaMarcus Russell?

1.98 m
JaMarcus Russell / Height

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Who is the heaviest NFL player?

Things are constantly changing with the size of the big guys up front, but the two heaviest current NFL linemen are Daniel Faalele (6-feet-9, 380 pounds) of the Baltimore Ravens and Trent Brown (6-8, 380) of the New England Patriots.

How fast was JaMarcus Russell?

4.83 seconds
JaMarcus Russell / 40 yard dash time

Who is the tallest NFL ever?

At 7 ft 0 in, Sligh is the tallest player in professional American football history. The next tallest are Matt O’Donnell at 6 ft 11 in, Morris Stroud at 6 ft 10 in, and Dan Skipper at 6 ft 10 in.

How tall is jamarcus chase?

6 ft 0 in

Who is the tallest NFL RB?

Brandon Jacobs stands at 6’4″ and 264 lbs and is considered the tallest running back. Not only that, Jacobs is also one of the biggest players in NFL history as well.

Who is the tallest in NFL history?

Tallest NFL players
  • Ed Jones, 6’9”
  • Jonathan Ogden, 6’9”
  • Dan Skipper – 6’10”
  • Morris Stroud – 6’10”
  • Richard Sligh – 7’0”

Who is the fastest NFL player?

Fastest NFL Players
Rank Player Play
1 Parris Campbell 26-yard rush
2 Kenneth Walker 74-yard rushing TD
3 Breece Hall 62-yard rushing TD
4 DeSean Jackson 62-yard reception

Who has the shortest NFL career ever?

As the shortest player in the history of the NFL, Shapiro played as a blocking back in the Stapletons’ 34-0 victory over the Minneapolis Red Jackets. Shapiro later stated that he was, in fact, on the Stapletons roster for five games, playing in two regular-season games and one exhibition game.