Did Tom Parker have kids?

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Who has kids from the Wanted?

Kelsey and Tom have two children together, two-year-old Aurelia and 18-month-old Bodhi. Speaking to the publication, Kelsey said: “They’re [Jay, Nathan, Siva and Max] a massive part of our lives and always have been.

Who are Tom Parker parents?

Tom was born in Bolton, the younger son of Noreen (nee Roche) and Nigel Parker. An ardent fan of Oasis and Stereophonics, he learned the guitar at 16, and auditioned for the TV series The X Factor the same year.

How old is Tom Parker The Wanted?

33 years (1988–2022)
Tom Parker / Age at death

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Who is the richest member of The Wanted?

Tom Parker was reportedly worth $8 million

Most of the late singer’s fortune originated from his musical career spanning almost around 13 years. Parker was born in Bolton, Lancashire, and reportedly started his musical journey at the age of 16.

What did Tom Parker do to Elvis?

He influenced Presley’s personal life, including Presley’s decisions to accept military service in 1958 and to marry Priscilla Beaulieu in 1967. Parker encouraged Presley to make film musicals which became the focus of his career during his commercial decline in the 1960s until his 1968 comeback and return to touring.

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