Does Bill Russell have a wife and children?

Their 3 children’s names are Karen, William, and Jacob Russell. The 5x MVP remarried 4 years after his first marriage ended in 1977. This time it was a woman named Dorothy Anstett.

Who was Bill Russell’s last wife?

Bill Russell/Wife

Who is Bill Russell’s daughter?

Karen Russell
Bill Russell / Daughter

Did Bill Russell have a family?

Bill Russell/Family

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How many biological children did Bill Russell have?

Bill Russell had three kids, Karen, William Jr., and Jacob.

How much is Bill Worth Russell worth?

Bill Russell was reportedly worth $10 million at the time of his death. It’s only a fraction of what professional players make today, as Russell played in an era when salaries weren’t too high.

Who were Bill Russell’s children?

Bill Russell/Children

Did Bill Russell have any siblings?

Charlie L. Russell
Bill Russell / Siblings

Charlie Louis Russell, Jr. was an American writer, best known for his play, Five on the Black Hand Side, which was later made into an acclaimed motion picture.


Who were Bill Russell’s wives?

Bill Russell/Wife

Who was Bill Russell’s mother?

Katie Russell
Bill Russell / Mother

Where do Bill Russell live now?

Bill Russell/Places lived

Does Bill Russell have a son?

Bill Russell/Sons