Does Blake Shelton’s have kids?

Blake Shelton’s priorities have shifted since marrying Gwen Stefani in July 2021. While the couple, who met as judges on NBC’s The Voice in 2014, do not share any children together, Shelton is a stepfather to her three sons with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale: 16-year-old Kingston, 13-year-old Zuma, and 8-year-old Apollo.

Who is Blake Shelton’s wife?

Blake Shelton/Wife

Is Apollo Blake Shelton’s son?

Apollo is Stefani’s youngest son with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. The 8-year-old’s older brothers are Zuma and Kingston. Stefani and Rossdale divorced in 2016. Shelton does not have any.

Is Blake Shelton leaving The Voice?

Blake Shelton surprised fans of “The Voice” by announcing that he will be leaving the singing competition show after its upcoming 23rd season. On Tuesday, the country music superstar revealed in a statement that the season airing in spring 2023 will be his last.

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Who will be the judges on The Voice 2022?

After a hiatus on the NBC schedule for the American Song Contest, The Voice is back for its 22nd season with a fresh panel of coaches: Blake Shelton and John Legend continue their run, joined by a returning Gwen Stefani, and the newest addition, Camila Cabello, who replaced Kelly Clarkson.

What judge is leaving The Voice?

LOS ANGELES — Blake Shelton, the last of the original panel of judges on “The Voice,” will leave the megahit U.S. version of the singing competition show after next season.

Who is leaving The Voice 2022?

After 22 seasons on The Voice, Blake Shelton will spin his last giant chair spin. In a joint statement with The Voice, Shelton announced on Instagram that he will “step away from The Voice” after the next season.

Will Blake Shelton return to The Voice?

of The Voice will be retiring his red chair. Yes, it’s been announced that Season 23, airing in 2023, will be Blake Shelton’s last. The news comes as it was revealed that Season 23 will also have a new panel of Coaches: Kelly Clarkson will return after a hiatus alongside newcomers Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper.

Who is the highest paid coach on The Voice?

Of The Voice’s 19-plus seasons, Shelton is the only coach who has been there since day one, so it’s assumed that he earns the most.

Is Ariana leaving The Voice?

Two of last year’s coaches, Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson, have departed their roles on the series, being replaced by Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello. Stefani returns to the show after two seasons off, while this will be former Fifth Harmony singer Cabello’s debut.

Why is Kelly Clarkson no longer on The Voice?

During the talk, she was asked about why she had chosen not to return to the singing program for the latest season. And her reasoning was simple, wanting to decompress after some large recent changes. “I hadn’t had a minute, and it’s obviously been a rough couple of years,” she said.

Why did Christina Aguilera leave The Voice?

Christina Aguilera

Reason for exit: Aguilera left for seasons 6 and 7 to spend time with her family. Following her permanent exit, the five-time Grammy winner told Billboard that she was “longing for freedom” after spending five years on the show.