Does Christina still have her Tennessee house?

The home is situated in Franklin, Tennessee, not far from Nashville, and Christina bought it in 2021 for $2.5million. It sits on 23 acres of woodland and she opened up about buying it in an interview with People.

Why did Christina on the Coast buy a house in Tennessee?

Flip or Flop star Christina Haack bought her house in Tennessee amid her divorce from her second husband, Ant Anstead. The couple filed for divorce in September 2020, and it was finalized in June 2021.

Does Christina on the coast have a home in Tennessee?

In early 2021, Haack, who is known for her signature California casual style, quietly purchased her second home in Tennessee for $2.5 million.

Where does Christina El Moussa live now?

Anaheim Hills
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Where does Christina from the coast live?

With 23 acres to explore combined with endless privacy, Christina and her family can’t get enough of their Tennessee house.

Why is Christina moving to Tennessee?

Christina purchased her Tennessee farmhouse in May 2021 after falling in love with the area during a visit to a friend who had moved there. “Tennessee is gorgeous and the people out there are so nice,” she told PEOPLE at the time.

Where do Christina and Josh live in Tennessee?

Christina Hall has moved from the coast to the country. HGTV’s Christina on the Coast spinoff, Christina in the Country, follows the realtor and her new husband Joshua Hall as they design a home in Franklin, Tenn. and she expands her business into Nashville.

Do they keep the furniture on Christina on the Coast?

But here’s the kicker: More often than not, the homes are staged, meaning the homeowners don’t get to keep the furniture and decor that’s shown on TV.

Did Christina find a new house?

Less than a year after Christina Haack dropped $10.3 million for a snazzy mansion in a Dana Point gated community, she’s changing addresses. Records reveal the veteran HGTV star (“Flip or Flop,” “Christina on the Coast”) has paid exactly $12 million for a slick new home in Newport Beach, TMZ first revealed.

How much does HGTV pay Christina on the Coast?

For her series Christina on the Coast, Christina Hall signed a deal in 2019 with HGTV to earn $50,000 per episode. As the series has aired 38 episodes, that would equal $1.9 million total just from that series.

Does Christina Haack have a new house?

Christina Hall (née Haack) gave fans a glimpse of her new family home with husband Joshua Hall — and the property is an interior designer’s dream. “Celebrating and settling in. Absolutely obsessed with our new home.

How much did Christina Haack pay for her house?

Newly married Christina Hall – who used to be Christina Haack – of Flip Or Flop fame has purchased a spectacular home that is a mansion with some very modern touches. The 38-year-old mother-of-three spent $12million on an eye-popping Newport Beach, California home, that looks like a glass box, TMZ reported.