Does Jeff Gordon have siblings?

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What happened to Robby Gordon?

He’s had success in all forms of racing, from NASCAR to Indy Car to off-road racing. But after frequent clashes with the some of the management in series like NASCAR, Gordon now races with his own rules, in a series he created-Stadium Super Trucks.

Is Max Gordon Robby Gordon’s son?

Max Gordon (born June 10, 2008) is an American professional racing driver who primarily competes in off-road racing such as the Stadium Super Trucks, Best in the Desert, and SCORE International. Last updated on: November 14, 2022. Nicknamed “Mad Max”, he is the son of driver and SST founder Robby Gordon.

Does Jeff Gordon have a family?

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Does Jeff Gordon still own the 24 car?

Does Jeff Gordon still own the 24 car? Gordon has an equity stake in the 24 Team, which he co-owns with automotive billionaire Rick Hendrick. Gordon named his yacht 24 Karat after his 24 car.

Who did Jeff Gordon marry first?

Since 2006, the 41-year-old has been married to a model who has featured in Sports Illustrated, ELLE, Vogue and Glamour. Gordon met his first wife, former Miss Winston Brooke Sealy, at a qualifying race back in 1993 and they were married the next year.

Does Jeff Gordon have children?

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What did Jeff Gordon’s parents do for a living?

Trace the steps. Gordon’s mother, Carol, was no more than 12 years old, maybe 13, when her father, Pat, worked for the Continental Baking Company in Vallejo, Calif. Pat delivered bread – Wonder Bread, mostly — to various businesses in the community, most without fanfare, but one captured Carol’s attention.

Does Jeff Gordon have a son that races?

Throughout much of his life, Jeff Gordon has had a tremendous passion for racing. Gordon’s strong internal drive fueled him to construct a legendary NASCAR career that earned him a Hall of Fame induction. He may have another reason to become further ingrained in the sport because of his son Leo.

What does Jeff Gordon’s wife do for a living?

Ingrid Vandebosch (born 8 November 1970) is a Belgian model and actress who won the Elite Look of the Year Award in 1990. She is the wife of the retired NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.

What religion is Jeff Gordon?

Early in his career, Gordon stated that he was a born again Christian. He talked about how in the early-1990s he became curious about Christianity and followed some drivers to the weekly chapel one week, which is how he first started to learn more about God.

Does Jeff Gordon still own a winery?

Today, he is a FOX Sports commentator. Born and raised in Vallejo, California, Gordon also owns a thriving winery business that is called Jeff Gordon Cellars.