Does Jesse Sharkey still teach?

Sharkey is backing current Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Stacy Davis Gates for president in the union’s upcoming election.

Jesse Sharkey
Education B.A. American History M.A. Teaching
Alma mater Brown University
Occupation Chicago Public Schools social studies teacher, labor leader
Years active 1998–present

Where does Jesse Sharkey teach?

Jesse Sharkey on His Time in Teachers Union Leadership, CTU’s Future. After 12 years as one of the primary faces of the Chicago Teachers Union, Jesse Sharkey is returning to the classroom. Sharkey was first elected vice president in 2010, when Karen Lewis was elected CTU’s president.

How much are Chicago teacher union dues?

CPS Teacher & PSRP Dues
Member Dues FTE CTU Members PSRP/Partial/Non FTE
Base Dues: 1 % of Lane 1/Step 6 $726.96 $436.18
Additional: SY 22/23 Share of Pass Thrus $515.04 $309.02
SY 22/23 Annual Total Dues $1,242.00 $745.19
CPS Dues Deduction: 20 paycheck dates from September 2022 thru June 2023 $62.10 $37.26

1 more row

Who is the head of Chicago Teachers Union?

Karen Lewis
Chicago Teachers Union / President

Karen Lewis was an American educator and labor leader who served as president of the Chicago Teachers Union, Chicago’s division of the American Federation of Teachers, from 2010 to 2014. For nearly 20 years before becoming president of the teachers union, she was a high school chemistry teacher.


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How many teachers are in the Chicago Teachers Union?

Your Union is Here to Help

Caring, united, democratic: CTU is more than 25,000 teachers, paraprofessionals and clinicians acting as one.

Is Stacy Davis Gates married?

She attended Saint Mary’s College, the University of Notre Dame, and Concordia University. Ms. Davis Gates lives on the south side of Chicago with her husband and three children.

Who represents Chicago Teachers Union?

The CTU is Local 1 of the American Federation of Teachers, an Illinois Federation of Teachers affiliate and affiliated with the Chicago Federation of Labor and the AFL-CIO.

When was the Chicago Teachers Union founded?

Chicago Teachers Union / Founded

Are Chicago Teachers still on strike?

On October 31, the strike officially ended when the mayor and the Chicago Teachers Union reached a tentative agreement allowing students to go back to class on November 1, 2019.

2019 Chicago Public Schools strike.

2019 Chicago Public Schools Labor Strike
Date 17–31 October 2019 (14 days)
Location Chicago, IL

Why did Chicago Teachers go on strike in 2012?

CORE ran on social justice reform in Chicago Public Schools. Two years later, CTU President and CORE member Karen Lewis announced teachers would go on strike. Their slogan was clear: The Schools Students Deserve. The 2012 strike reframed education reform, not just in the city itself, but across the United States.

What is the longest teacher strike?

Illinois. A strike of Chicago Public School teachers that occurred in 2019 was significant enough to garner support from national politicians. Illinois holds the record for the longest teachers’ strike to date. This was an eight month strike beginning in October 1986 in Homer, IL.

When was the first ever teacher strike?

Federation made a major break with the past in 1968, its 50th anniversary, when the first state-wide strike was called over the appalling conditions in which teachers were working.