Does Piper rockelle have a mom?

Piper’s mother, Tiffany Smith, told Insider she wanted to “protect” her daughter in an emailed statement at the time.

Who is Tiffany to Piper rockelle?

A trial date has been set for the alleged abuse and exploitation case against Tiffany Smith, the mother of Piper Rockelle, a 14-year-old YouTuber with over 9 million subscribers and nearly 2 billion views. The jury trial will take place on April 17, 2023, according to the LA county case database.

Where is Piper Rockelle dad?

According to Piper Rockelle, she does not remember her father. He left the family a long time ago. In addition, she has revealed that she has met her father only once. She was very little when it happened.

Who is Hunter in Piper Rockelle’s videos?

Hunter Hill is known for Piper Rockelle (2020), Last to Stop Ignoring Their Boyfriend Wins $10,000

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What did Tiffany Smith do to Piper?

Smith is accused of making sexually explicit comments to the children, touching multiple girls on their legs, spanking them, and poking “their anuses through their clothing,” among other allegations, the suit says.

Who are the 11 kids suing Piper rockelle’s mom?

The plaintiffs are 15-year old “Sawyer Sharbino” (1.29 million subscribers), 15-year old “DONLAD” (599,000 subscribers), 16-year old Ayden Mekus (1.52 million subscribers), 16-year old “Connor Cain” (270,000 subscribers), 14-year old “Hayden Haas” (511,000 subscribers), 15-year old “Walker Bryant” (897,000 subscribers)

How old is Tiffany Smith?

39 years (November 29, 1982)
Tiffany Smith / Age

What is Piper rockelle real name?

YouTube Channel

Piper Rockelle Smith (born August 21, 2007,) is an American actress, singer, dancer and model.

What Disney show is Piper rockelle in?

Mani (web series)
Genre Web series
Starring Lawrence Wayne Curry Piper Rockelle Hayley LeBlanc Mia Talerico Bryson Robinson Merrick Hanna Julian Clark
Country of origin United States
Original language English

Who are Piper rockelle parents?

Who are Piper Rockelle’s parents? The name of her father is Piper Smith, while that of her mother is Tiffany Rockelle.

Why is Piper rockelle so famous?

Now she’s the center of a YouTube channel in which she appears alongside family and friends posting pranks, challenges, and vlogs. From early YouTube videos showing how to make slime to starring roles in web series, here’s how Rockelle became one of the most famous teenagers online.

Why is Piper rockelle not allowed to post?

YouTube has indefinitely demonetized Piper Rockelle’s channel following abuse allegations against her mother.