Does Steven not age?

Steven is immortal. With his gem he has the power to be any age he wants. Even when he’s 200+ he can appear as a child if he wants to based on his state of mind.

How old is Steven in season1?

Steven was 13 when the show started. He was 14 from “Steven’s Birthday” until the end of the original show. The movie and Steven Universe: Future jump two years ahead from the original series so in the movie and the limited series Steven is 16.

How was Steven born?

He is the first and only known Gem–human hybrid, the product of the union between the Crystal Gems’ original leader, Rose Quartz, and Greg Universe, a human musician and car-wash owner. Rose “gave up her physical form” to create Steven, leaving behind only her pink, pentagonal-faceted gem, now embedded in his navel.

How old is Steven in the movie?

Cast. The film features the main and recurring characters of the series, and introduces the new characters Spinel and Steg. Zach Callison as Steven Universe, a 16-year-old Gem-human hybrid member of the Crystal Gems.

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Does Steven ever grow up?


In an attempt to force himself to look more mature, he forces himself to age up, looking much like he does in the new promotional art. However, this puts an incredible strain on his body, which almost kills him. He ends up reverting to a baby state before returning to his default, child-like body.

Did Steven grow up?

Some fans have long speculated that Steven’s stunted growth was the result of a sort of mental block and with the revelations of CYM, he is finally able to grow up. Steven has, for the whole show, lived in the shadow of Rose Quartz. He wanted to be like her, so much so that he thought about dying his hair pink.

How did Steven Universe get older?

It is revealed that, due to Steven’s half-human/half-gem heritage, he ages differently than normal humans. His Gem ages him in response to his state of mind, literally making him as old or as young as he feels.

Does Steven age in Steven Universe?

As revealed in “Steven’s Birthday”, while he is fourteen years of age his half-Gem physiology affects his rate of aging and he appears younger.

What episode does Steven grow up?

“Growing Pains” is the 14th episode of Steven Universe Future.

How did Steven become a watermelon?

The Watermelon Stevens are brought to life by Steven, who, without knowing he inherited Rose Quartz’s power of phytokinesis, spits watermelon seeds outside of It’s A Wash. Steven’s saliva causes the seeds to develop into fully-formed sentient watermelons overnight.

Why are there only 39 states in Steven Universe?

There are only 39 states in the U.S. different than 50 as ten states merged together.

How long was lapis fused with Jasper?

Click here to see more of Malachite’s quotes. Malachite is the fusion of Jasper and Lapis Lazuli. She made her debut in “Jail Break”. After being fused for several months, she was finally defeated by Alexandrite during their duel in “Super Watermelon Island”.