Does Stray have a release date?

Stray / Initial release date

At What time will Stray be available?

Stray is a cyberpunk indie title developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna. The cat-centered third-person adventure game launches on PC, PS4, and PS5 on July 19, 2022.

Will Stray get a physical release?

Update: The PS5 physical release for Stray is out today and available to buy at retail, with PS4 copies also launching soon. If you don’t have access to the game on PS Plus Extra or have been holding out for this physical launch, now’s your chance.

Will Stray be a PS5 exclusive?

Stray is a PS4 and PS5 console exclusive, but this exclusivity is time-limited. At the end of the game’s teaser trailer from back in 2020, there is a message which says the game is a PlayStation ‘console exclusive for a limited time’.

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Why is Stray not available?

You might be unable to open Stray on your PC if the game files are corrupted, broken, or missing. If you don’t have the latest version of DirectX, it is likely that you won’t be able to run Stray on your system.

How much will the game Stray cost?

Stray ($29.99) is a puzzle-adventure game with platforming elements that delivers an utterly charming protagonist, set within a quirky and fascinating setting.

Will Stray be PlayStation exclusive?

Stray is only available for PC and PlayStation users, and with the game also debuting through PlayStation Premium, Sony seems determined to make Stray’s connection to its line of consoles even clearer.

Will Stray ever come out on Xbox?

At its initial release, Stray has been exclusive for PS4, PS5 & PC. So Xbox & Switch players didn’t get to enjoy the lovely cat game yet. If you weren’t able to play Stray, don’t worry: It seems all but confirmed that there will be a Stray Xbox version.

Will Stray be released on Xbox one?

Not all have been blessed with access to the much–beloved kitty adventure. As of its release, Stray is exclusive to PS4, PS5, and PC, leaving Xbox and Switch users out in the cold. Things could change in the future however, given the specific terms under which Stray was released.

Is Stray timed exclusive?

Stray is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. The game is a timed console exclusive on PlayStation, with the implication that it will eventually come to other platforms at an unknown time.

Will there be a DLC for Stray?

Right now, there is no guarantee that a Stray sequel or DLC will happen, though given the massive success of the game, it seems like a possibility. From being Steam’s most wishlisted title to Stray’s smart release through PlayStation Plus premium, BlueTwelve had the perfect recipe for success prior to launch.

Is Stray a horror game?

‘Stray’ Is Not a Horror Game—Most of the Time

More often than not, it’s a sci-fi adventure that balances most of its gameplay between exploration, puzzle-solving, and stealth.