Does TJ Holmes have a son?

T. J. Holmes/Children

Who is TJ Holmes ex wife?

Amy Ferson
T. J. Holmes / Ex-spouse

Is TJ Holmes married now?

T. J. Holmes/Spouse

Who is TJ Holmes daughter?

T. J. Holmes/Daughters

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What is TJ Holmes salary?

T. J. Holmes Net Worth
Net Worth: $7 Million
Salary: $3 Million
Date of Birth Aug 19, 1977 (45 years old)
Place of Birth West Memphis
Gender Male

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Does TJ have kids?

T. J. Holmes/Children

Where is TJ from Wicked Tuna?

When not chasing bluefin tuna TJ resides in Key West, Florida doing light tackle charters and chasing a variety of inshore and offshore species. Fishing isn’t just a job for TJ, it’s a way of life and his passion.

What happened to TJ on total divas?

Why is TJ not on Total Divas? Last year, TJ suffered a pretty bad neck injury and, reportedly, the WWE wanted to keep the details of his injury, which was very serious, private — so they removed him from the show. When he was first pulled from future episodes, TJ tweeted about it, but never got into specifics.

Is T.J. Holmes married and does he have children?

They have two children, daughter Brianna and son Jaiden. He then married Atlanta-area attorney, Marilee Fiebig on March 1, 2010, in Memphis, Tennessee. Their daughter, Sabine, was born in January 2013.

Who is T.J. Holmes family?

T. J. Holmes/Family

How old is Amy Robach?

49 years (February 6, 1973)
Amy Robach / Age

Does Amy Robach have a daughter?

Amy Robach/Daughters