Does Tobias Dorzon have a restaurant?

Located at 6541 America Blvd. in University Town Center, Huncho House is the creation of Chef Tobias Dorzon, who played with the Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers before retiring from football in 2012.

Where does Tobias Dorzon cook?

Next up, Chef Tobias is returning to his roots in Maryland where he’s opening his new highly anticipated, upscale dining restaurant, Huncho House this October.

What NFL team did Tobias Dorzon play on?

His NFL journey began with a brief stint with the Tennessee Titans before he headed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for one year and then the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Canada for two years.

How many restaurants does Tobias Dorzon own?

Chef Tobias Dorzon is a man on a culinary mission. Currently, the executive chef of Thirteen, a Houston-based fine-dining restaurant owned by NBA All-Star James Harden, Dorzon has also curated dinners at the prestigious James Beard House and has cooked for countless celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart.

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What high school did Tobias Dorzon go to?

Tobias Dorzon/Education

When did Tobias Dorzon retire?

He eventually retired from football in 2012 in pursuit of a different path. “That was my end-all, be-all, the only thing I wanted to,” Dorzon told The Manual.

How old is Tobias Dorzon?

37 years (23 November 1984)
Tobias Dorzon / Age

Is Tiffani Faison married?

Kelly Walsh
Tiffani Faison / Spouse (m. ?–2020)

Who is Brooke Williams husband?

Nick Roberts
Brooke Williamson / Husband (m. 2007)

What restaurants does Brooke Williamson own?

LA-based duo, Top Chef alum Brooke Williamson & husband Nick Roberts have successfully climbed the ladder in the restaurant world with their beachy gastropub spots Hudson House & The Tripel, 4 in 1 concept: Playa Provisions & Hawaiian inspired Da Kikokiko.

How old is Tobias Dorzon?

37 years (23 November 1984)
Tobias Dorzon / Age

How old is chef Tiffani Faison?

45 years (20 August 1977)
Tiffani Faison / Age