Has Elon Musk lost$ 200 billion?

But at its peak in November 2021, Musk’s net worth was $340 billion. That makes Musk the first person ever to lose $200 billion in wealth, Bloomberg reported last week.

How much money does Elon Musk have right now?

At the time of posting this article, Musk’s net worth is $228 billion, according to Bloomberg.

How much money does Elon Musk have 2022?

Musk lost $140 billion in 2022 due to the collapse of Tesla’s share price, leaving his total net worth at $130 billion, according to Bloomberg’s index of the world’s richest people. The fortunes of Silicon Valley billionaires took a beating in 2022 as share prices of the world’s tech giants plummeted.

Who is the No 1 richest person in world?

1. Bernard Arnault & family. Bernard Arnault is the CEO and Chair of LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) and his net worth is $198.4 billion, meaning Elon Musk was overtaken as the world’s richest man in 2022.

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Who is the top 1 trillionaire?

Modern Wealth
No. Name Net worth (USD)
1 Elon Musk $219 billion
2 Jeff Bezos $177 billion
3 Bernard Arnault & family $158 billion
4 Bill Gates $129 billion

Who is the top 1 trillionaire in the world?

The world’s first trillionaires
  • Elon Musk. Current net worth: US$263 billion.
  • Gautam Adani. Current net worth: US$93 billion.
  • Zhang Yiming. Current net worth: US$59 billion.
  • Bernard Arnault. Current net worth: US$186 billion.
  • Mukesh Ambani. Current net worth: US$97 billion.
  • Jeff Bezos.
  • Larry Page.
  • Sergey Brin.

Who is top 10 richest man in the world?

Today’s Winners and Losers
  • $1.6 B. Bernard Arnault.
  • $1 B. Jeff Bezos.
  • $813 M. Carlos Slim Helu.
  • $754 M. Tadashi Yanai.
  • $680 M. Iris Fontbona.

Who is the number 2 richest person?

Bernard Arnault, who oversees the luxury goods company LVMH, was at the No. 2 spot with his family’s net worth totalling around $153.1 billion.

Who is richer than Elon Musk?

This isn’t the first time Arnault has topped the list. The CEO has been ranked among the world’s top 10 richest people for several years now. In 2021, he overtook Amazon.com ‘s ( AMZN ) Jeff Bezos as richest man more than once. Estimating a person’s net worth is far from a precise science.

Who is the 2nd richest person in the world?

Arnault sits in second with a $166 billion net worth. However, Musk has lost about $100 billion this year, according to Bloomberg’s calculations.

Is Elon still the richest man?

Elon Musk loses title of world’s richest person to Bernard Arnault.

Which is the richest country in the world?