Has Magic Johnson ever been a head coach?

Johnson returned to the NBA as coach of the Lakers near the end of the 1993–94 NBA season, replacing Randy Pfund, and Bill Bertka, who served as an interim coach for two games. Johnson, who took the job at the urging of owner Jerry Buss, admitted “I’ve always had the desire (to coach) in the back of my mind.”

How long did Magic Johnson coach the Lakers?

Darvin Ham has coached the Lakers in 2022-23.
Magic Johnson 1994 Los Angeles Lakers
Randy Pfund 1993-1994 Los Angeles Lakers
Mike Dunleavy 1991-1992 Los Angeles Lakers
Pat Riley 1982-1990 Los Angeles Lakers

What record did Magic Johnson Break?

He was a 12-time All-Star and a nine-time member of the All-NBA First Team. He surpassed Robertson’s career assists record, a mark he later relinquished to John Stockton.

What records does Magic Johnson hold?

Career achievements

Johnson shares the single-game playoff record for assists (24), holds the Finals record for assists in a game (21), and has the most playoff assists (2,346). He holds the All-Star Game single-game record for assists (22), and the All-Star Game record for career assists (127).

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What is the most unbreakable NBA records?

Most Unbreakable NBA Records
  • 1,192 Consecutive Games Played.
  • Bottom Line: 1,192 Consecutive Games Played.
  • 36-Point Comeback.
  • Bottom Line: 36-Point Comeback.
  • 68-Point Margin of Victory.
  • Bottom Line: 68-Point Margin of Victory.
  • 41 Technical Fouls in a Season.
  • Bottom Line: 41 Technical Fouls in a Season. Ball don’t lie.

Was Magic Johnson a good shooter?

Johnson’s shooting percentages are not about his inability to shoot, but a preference of shooting during that era. With his amazing offensive repertoire, long range shooting is the least of Johnson’s worries to fit in the modern game.

Who is the greatest shooter of all time?

5 Greatest NBA Shooters of All-Time + Fan Rankings
  • PG STEPHEN CURRY. STEPH CURRY FACTS: – 2x MVP (Only unanimous) | 4x NBA Champ, 2022 FMVP.
  • SG RAY ALLEN. RAY ALLEN FACTS: – 2x NBA Champ | 10x All-Star | 2001 3PT Contest Champ.

Where is magic ranked all time?

Total points scored: 17,070 (83rd all time)

Remarkably, his career playoff points per game also sits at 19.5.

Who is statistically the best shooter of all time?

1. Steph Curry. Curry has every case as the best shooter of all time.

What NBA team holds the most records?

As of the end of the 2022 NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers have the most post-season games played (761), wins (456), and losses (305), as well as the highest post-season winning percentage with 456–305 (.599) of any NBA team.

Regular season.

Rank 1
Team San Antonio Spurs
GP 3,703
Won 2,261
Lost 1,442

What is Magic Johnson’s record against Michael Jordan?

The two legends played 13 regular-season games against each other, with Jordan winning seven of them. They also played against each other once in the playoffs, meeting in the 1991 NBA Finals.

What records does Shaq hold?

He has scored 28,255 points, grabbed 12,921 rebounds, won 4 N.B.A. championships and made 5,862 free throws (though it took him 11,121 attempts.) But the biggest number of all for O’Neal is $290,846,146, his career earnings according to Basketball-Reference.com.”