Has Michelle Keegan got hair extensions?

Opting for a fuller look, the actress amped up her usual wavy hairdo with a set of extra long hair extensions. Michelle secured her voluminous locks with a silky black hair accessory.

Who is Michelle Keegan’s father?

Michael Keegan
Michelle Keegan / Father

Has Michelle Keegan got a sister?

Does Michelle Keegan have any siblings? Michelle has a younger brother, Andrew Keegan. It’s thought that Andrew is a teacher. The actress is also step-sister to Nichola Corfield.

Has Michelle Keegan got Instagram?

Michelle Keegan (@michkeegan) • Instagram photos and videos.

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Who is worth more Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan?

The former The Only Way Is Essex star filed accounts with his company The Wright Look Models Ltd, revealing he had reserves of £2,057,780. It means that for the first time, Mark has managed to earn more than his former Coronation Street actress other-half Michelle, 34.

Are Michelle Keegan and Mark weight still together?

Yes, Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are still married. The two tied the knot on 24 May 2015 and have been happily married for six years.

Why is Michelle Keegan not at Jess Wright’s wedding?

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According to an insider, Michelle’s work commitments meant she had to decline an invite to the weekend away in Ibiza.

Has Michelle Keegan had her eyebrows Microbladed?

It turns out the Our Girl actress decided to go the full way with her brows in 2016 as she admitted she did have them microbladed. A form of tattooing, the former Coronation Street star was featured on a PhiBrows Instagram page with her before and after photos.

What skincare does Michelle Keegan use?

One is The Body Shop vitamin E cleanser. I always feel like I’m giving something nice to my skin when I use it – and, I can tell the difference once I take it off, my skin is really rejuvenated and dewy. ‘ ‘The other is the Elemis foaming cleanser.

What skincare does Kate Middleton use?

According to Vogue, Kate loves Karin Herzog’s skin care products, especially the Oxygen Face cream (and has since before she married into the royal family). It helps moisturize and keep her complexion glowing so she is able to stick to makeup with less coverage.

What does Kylie Minogue use on her skin?

You can see the lines on my face.” Amazingly, Kylie revealed she has replaced those expensive injections with one of the most traditional (and cheap) anti-aging treatments available on every High Street Pond’s Cold Cream. “It’s really changed my skin” she said. “I use it every day.

Where did Michelle Keegan get her eyebrows done?

“mimic the natural direction and lengths of your brows. Colour is passed into the channels created by the micro blades in the dermal layer of the skin and this procedure is semi permanent”. Michelle visited Laura Ciordas, a Phi Brows master based in London, and you can see the results of her treatment below.