How are the LaBrant family so rich?

A huge portion of the Cole LaBrant net worth comes from the LaBrant’s family youtube channel. The LaBrant Fam generates approximately $5.5 million in ad revenue per year. YouTubers typically make $2-$7 per every 1000 monetized views.

How much money does Savannah LaBrant make?

Eventually, she started making TikTok videos and gained a massive following of 29.2 million fans. Savannah was born to a Christian family in Orange County, California.

Personal Information.

Real Name Savannah Labrant
Net Worth $3 million
Followers YouTube: 13.1 million
TikTok: 29.2 million
Instagram: 6.9 million

What is Savannah LaBrant’s job?

Savannah LaBrant / Profession

Why did Tommy and Savannah break up?

Although Tommy and Savannah had a seemingly good co-parenting relationship moving forward, that relationship abruptly came to a halt when Tommy’s sister, Amber Smith, announced he had died suddenly on Sept. 13, 2022.

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Where does Cole and Sav live?

The LaBrants live in Ladera Ranch in California.

What did Savannah LaBrant do before YouTube?

Savannah developed her following on by posting videos of Everleigh. Before vlogging she was a professional photographer. She has 6.7 million Instagram followers and is one of the 50 most-followed accounts on TikTok with 28.8 million followers.

How old is Savannah Soutas now?

29 years (March 2, 1993)
Savannah LaBrant / Age

How did Cole meet Savannah?

How Did Cole and Savannah Meet? Savannah and Cole Labrant met last year at the Grove in Los Angeles, however, Cole mentioned in a video that he had reached out to her and her daughter on – A popular mobile app that records the user lip syncing to popular songs.

Who is Savannah LaBrant husband?

Cole LaBrant
Savannah LaBrant / Husband (m. 2017)

What happened to Sav LaBrant’s baby daddy?

YouTuber Savannah LaBrant’s ex Tommy Smith passed away on September 9, 2022. Smith was the biological father of Savannah’s daughter Everleigh, who is currently 10 years old. Although Savannah is now married to Cody LaBrant, the mother has been open about co-parenting Everleigh with Smith.

Did Everleigh’s dad pass away?

Nine-year-old TikTok sensation Everleigh Rose’s dad, Tommy Smith, has died aged 29. On Thursday (15 September), Everleigh’s mom, Savannah LaBrant, 29, took to her Instagram to share the tragic news.

How old was Savannah when she had Everleigh?

LaBrant has been open about starting a relationship with Smith when they were teens. At 19, they welcomed Everleigh. However, their relationship did not last and she raised her daughter as a single mother through the years.