How did Ben Rector get famous?

Music career. During his first year at the University of Arkansas, Rector released a self-titled EP that featured the song “Conversation”, which went on to win the Grand Prize in the Pop category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2006. He is the youngest person ever to win the award for the pop category.

Who is Ben Rector married to?

Hillary Rector
Ben Rector / Spouse

How old is Ben Rector?

36 years (November 6, 1986)
Ben Rector / Age

How long has Ben Rector been married?

I have been married to this girl for 6 years today and she is my absolute favorite. Ryan Williams and 4,465 others like this.

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How many children does Ben Rector have?

For Rector, who has three kids total — daughter Jane, 3, and twin boys Roy and Robert, 4 months — the holidays are an important time for them to bond and to create new traditions together.

Is Ben Rector Religious?

Peacock said Rector has also exemplified strong Christian values throughout his career. “Stewardship of talent and gifts is a major aspect of faithfulness in the Christian life, and Ben has done this very well,” said Peacock.

Where did Ben Rector meet his wife?

That girl from Waco is Hillary Swanton (now Hillary Swanton Rector), a Vanguard School graduate who met Rector when both were freshmen at the University of Arkansas. They started dating that freshman year and have been together ever since, said Rector, who grew up in Tulsa, Okla.

Where did Ben Rector grow up?

The 30-year-old singer songwriter comes from south Tulsa, Oklahoma, which he describes as a “great place to grow up.” And what you might find surprising about Ben is that, although he has a career in music how and has one a song writing contest, his family isn’t musical at all. “My family is not musical.

Who is Valerie Carter husband?

Personal life and death. In the issue of Billboard on December 11, 1999, a marriage was announced between Carter and Seth Katz, a television executive with Sony, taking place on November 26, 1999, in Montclair, New Jersey. In August and October 2009, Carter was arrested in St.

What is Ben Rector’s middle name?

Benjamin Evans Rector
Ben Rector / Full name

Who plays saxophone for Ben Rector?

Although I was a little sad that Kenny G did not make an appearance as he does in the song “Hanging Out,” Rector’s saxophonist, David Besonen, was nothing short of amazing.

Did Ben Rector go to Arkansas?

Originally from Tulsa, Rector decided to come to the University of Arkansas. Not only was the school relatively close to his hometown, but his sister was a U of A alumna and he received the chancellor’s scholarship. “I loved it,” Rector said. “I got to live with great people and meet great friends.”