How did Billy kametz pass away?

In April, Kametz revealed he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Billy Kametz, best known for his work as a voice actor, died on Thursday, June 9 after battling colon cancer. He was 35. News of his death was shared on his GoFundMe page, which was set up shortly after he shared his diagnosis in April.

How did naofumi voice actor died?

Voice actor Billy Kametz passed away on June 9. Kametz, who was best known for providing the English voices of characters such as The Rising of Shield Hero’s Naofumi and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Josuke Higashikata, passed away on June 9 from colon cancer.

Who does Billy kametz voice?

Billy Kametz is a voice actor known for voicing Josuke Higashikata, Naofumi Iwatani, and Ferdinand. Take a visual walk through their career and see 114 images of the characters they’ve voiced and listen to 9 clips that showcase their performances.

Which anime voice actor died?

Billy Kametz, an actor known for his voice work in anime series and video games, died Thursday from colon cancer. The Pennsylvania native was 35.

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Did sonic’s voice actor died?

It has been confirmed that well-known anime and video game voice actor Billy Kametz has sadly passed away from colon cancer. He was 35-years-old.

How do you become an anime voice actor?

How to Become a Voice Actor for Anime
  1. Voice Acting is Acting First, Voice Second. This seems to be something that plenty of people don’t realize.
  2. Try a Vocal Coach.
  3. Set Up a Home Studio.
  4. Create a Portfolio.
  5. Get Involved With Indie Projects.
  6. Do Freelance Dubbing.
  7. Move to Where Anime Action Is.
  8. Audition, Audition, Audition.

What stars have recently died?

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Is Billy kametz dead?

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What roles did Billy kametz play?

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Why did naofumi voice change?

After Kametz announced that he was taking a leave of absence from voice acting after being diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, which ulitmately led to his death on June 9, 2022, Stephen Fu later replaced him for the ongoing seasons.

Who voices the white blood cell in Cells at Work?

Tomoaki Maeno, the voice actor for White Blood Cell (Neutrophil), reporting to duty at a Cells at Work! event in Shibuya! Kristie Wen and 603 others like this.

Who plays Josuke Higashikata?

Yuki Ono (小野 友樹, Ono Yuki) is a Japanese voice actor who is most notably known for voicing the character Josuke Higashikata in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.