How did Dalton Gomez make his money?

According to his bio on the site, Gomez was raised in southern California and has been working in the luxury real estate market for five years. He works with A-list buyers and has sold multi-million dollar homes. TMZ points out he has other celebrity friends.

How much is Dalton worth?

According to sites such as Celebrity Net Worth, Andy Dalton’s net worth in 2022 is $35 million, although his total career earnings have been $96.6 million.

What does Dalton Gomez do for a living?

Estate agent
Dalton Gomez / Profession

A real estate agent or broker is a person who represents sellers or buyers of real estate or real property. While a broker may work independently, an agent usually works under a licensed broker to represent clients.


What is Dalton Gomez’s age?

27 years (7 August 1995)
Dalton Gomez / Age

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How did Ariana meet Dalton?

How did Ariana Grande and husband Dalton Gomez meet? Grande met Gomez while he was on the job: She needed a realtor to help her find a house! “When she saw him, she immediately thought he was cute and very good-looking, and she asked her team to set up an in-person meeting with him,” a source spilled to Us Weekly.

What is the net worth of Selena Gomez?

Across her various enterprises and as a result of her prolific performing career, Gomez has an estimated net worth of $95 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Is Dalton Gomez married?

Ariana Grande
Dalton Gomez / Spouse (m. 2021)

Are Dalton and Selena Gomez related?

No – Dalton and Selena are not related and he is not her brother. The pair just happen to have the same surname. Despite not being related to any pop stars, Dalton does spend a lot of his time hanging out with them and has been photographed partying with the likes of Miley Cyrus over the years.

Who is Dalton Gomez wife?

Ariana Grande
Dalton Gomez / Wife (m. 2021)

Is Ariana Grande’s husband Mexican?

According to Ancestry, the last name is “Spanish (Gómez): from a medieval personal name, probably of Visigothic origin, from Guma ‘man. ” As for known details about Dalton’s early life, it has been confirmed that he was born and raised in Southern California.

Why did Ariana Grande leave the voice?

Why Is Ariana Grande Not on The Voice 2022? Ariana Grande joined The Voice in 2021 but is not returning for the new season as she is currently filming the upcoming musical movie, Wicked. The film, based on the Tony-winning Broadway musical, will star Ariana Grande as Glinda and Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba.

Did Dalton Gomez sell Ariana a house?

He sold Grande her home

“Ariana was looking for a home outside Los Angeles to be her getaway house, and her team found Dalton to help,” a source told Us Weekly.