How did Dylan Lane meet his wife?

The couple met when Dylan crashed a wedding Nicole was attending.

How old is Dylan Lane from Chain Reaction?

45 years (July 18, 1977)
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Is Dylan from Chain Reaction married?

Chain Reaction part 1, I consider that season 1 and this is season 2. I was younger, living in New York City, and I was single which was great for New York City. Now, I’m married, I have two daughters and I live in rural upstate New York.

How tall is Dylan Lane?

1.75 m
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Where was Dylan Lane born?

Tyrone, Pennsylvania, United States
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Tyrone is a borough in Blair County, Pennsylvania, 15 miles northeast of Altoona, on the Little Juniata River. Tyrone was of considerable commercial importance in the twentieth century. It was an outlet for the Clearfield coal fields and was noted for manufacturing paper products.


Where does Dylan Lane live now?

Personal Life. According to his profile on Game Show Network, Lane attended Muhlenberg College, majoring in Philosophy and studying Theatre, and currently resides in Astoria, New York with his wife and two daughters.

Do the losers on Chain Reaction keep their money?

If one team did not solve their Speed Chain, the other team need only solve their next Speed Chain to win the game. Both teams kept their money, and the losing team received unacknowledged parting gifts as well. In the 2021 version, the Tiebreaker uses only one Speed Chain.

What did Dylan Lane do?

He graduated from Huntingdon Area High School in Huntingdon. From 2006-2007, Lane hosted the game show Chain Reaction that airs on GSN. He is also the host of the National Vocabulary Championship, another production of GSN. Previously, Lane was a VJ on Fuse TV, having hosted The F-List and co-hosted Daily Download.

When did the show Chain Reaction start?

January 14, 1980
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How old is Dylan the YouTuber?

Dylan Matthews (born: June 21, 1991 (1991-06-21) [age 31]), better known online as Dylan Is In Trouble, is an American YouTuber known for his commentary on shows and movies.

What happened to the original host of Chain Reaction?

22. The Fort Johnson resident originally hosted the show more than 14 years ago from 2006-2007, and then left the entertainment industry to earn an engineering degree. Lane is now a married father of two and currently working for General Electric, but Game Show Network lured him back to host the classic reboot.

How many grandchildren does Dylan have?

He turned 76 in May, he has 11 grandchildren, and he drives a van with the bumper sticker: “World’s Greatest Grandpa.” 4.