How did Melanie Ham passed away?

A popular YouTuber known for crafting and DIY videos has died following a rare cancer diagnosis. Melanie Ham was diagnosed with epithelioid angiomyolipoma less than two years ago. Her husband, Robert, announced her death on her Instagram on Jan. 12.

How old is Melanie ham?

Ham passed away Jan. 12. She had over 800,000 subscribers on her sewing and crocheting channel and was vocal about her cancer diagnosis.

Where did Melanie Ham live?

I started the YouTube Channel in December of 2011 and it took off beyond my wildest dreams. The best thing is that I can work from home and keep my family top priority. We now live in a suburb of Los Angeles where my husband and I own and operate HAMMR Productions, a service disabled veteran owned production company.

Did Melanie Ham have children?

Melanie Ham was a mother of two.

Melanie and Robert had one son and one daughter together. Robert acknowledged their kids in his post about Melanie’s passing. He wrote, “Put up a toast of bourbon (her favorite, that she hasn’t partaken in during her journey), and say a prayer for my beautiful, strong children.”

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What happened to Melanie Ham YouTube?

The YouTube community has lost a beloved member, Melanie Ham. The social media star’s husband Robert announced “with a heavy heart and deep sadness” that his “sweet, amazing, beautiful wife Melanie” died on Jan. 12 following her battle with cancer. She was 36 years old.

Where is Melanie King from?

Melanie King is a working class artist and curator, originally from Manchester, UK. Melanie is now based in Kent, UK. She is co-Director of super/collider, Lumen Studios and founder of the London Alternative Photography Collective.

What happened to techno Blade 2022?

After a prolonged battle with cancer, Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade passed away today. He was 23. His family confirmed his death in an emotional farewell video posted on his behalf. The video was titled ‘So Long Nerds’.

Did Kevin Samuels pass away?

Kevin Samuels / Date of death

Was grant Thompson a pilot?

Before YouTube fame, Mr. Thompson worked as an airline pilot for 11 years, according to a 2017 interview with the website Media Kix. Then he went into the real estate business and bought and sold houses.

Who is PeeweeToms?

Daniel Thomas was first diagnosed with sarcomatoid carcinoma in July 2015. He began sharing his journey on his YouTube channel under the name PeeweeToms to raise awareness of the disease and show what he was facing.

What is the survival rate of sarcomatoid carcinoma?

What is the survival rate of sarcomatoid carcinoma? The median survival rate is about 10 months, while the five-year survival rate for sarcomatoid carcinoma is approximately 15%. Still, multiple factors shape likely outcomes, including your survival rate.

Is Peeweetom still alive?

Vlogger Dan Thomas, more widely known as PeeWeeToms, documented his battle with cancer, which he recently lost. The 32-year-old YouTuber died Sept. 28 from sarcomatoid carcinoma, a rare and painful bone cancer he was diagnosed with in July 2015.