How did Money Kicks make his Money?

Belhasa rose to fame as Dubai’s richest teenager, having flashed his exorbitant wealth from his father’s career making millions in property. His dad is construction mogul Saif Belhasa, one of the most successful business men in the United Arab Emirates, and Belhasa has known wealth for his entire life.

Who is Money Kicks parents?

His parents are Saif Ahmed Belhasa and Sarah Belhasa. He has two brothers, Abdulla and Mayed who are professional football players. Rashed also boasts a boxing record of his own, which comprises 2 wins with 0 losses. He’s also been the headliner at two Social knockout events.

What does Rashed Belhasa father do?

He is the youngest son of the billionaire and an international business tycoon- Saif Ahmed Belhasa.

What did Money Kicks do?

It all started with a mult-million dollar trainer collection. Living up to his name, Money Kicks owns a trainer collection which could probably fund another mansion alone. He started gaining popularity on YouTube back in 2016 when he began making videos showing off his trainers to celebrities who visited his house.

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Who is the richest YouTuber in Dubai?

MEET Rashed Belhasa – a Dubai rich kid who flaunts his wealth to his huge following on social media and is the latest YouTube influencer to take up boxing.

Who is richest in UAE?

Amazing Facts About UAE Billionaires
  • Majid Al Futtaim is both the richest man in Dubai and the richest man in the UAE today after beating out all of his competitors.
  • One of these billionaires is a 37-year-old man named Divyank Turakhia of net with $1.9 billion in wealth.

Who is the richest girl in Dubai?

Loujain Adada

Adada is a California-born Lebanese model whose estimated net worth according to Arabian Business is USD 3.8 million. As such, she is the richest woman and the second-richest cast member on Dubai Bling.

Who is Dubai’s richest family?

Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan.

Which Arab country is richest?

Qatar is currently the wealthiest country in the Arab World – Fast Company Middle East | The future of tech, business and innovation.

Which country is No 1 rich country?

The United States tops the list of countries with the largest number of billionaires. Forbes estimates that 735 of the world’s 2,578 billionaires are American citizens.

What is the richest city in the world?

New York is the financial centre of the USA and the wealthiest city in the world by several measures. Perhaps most notably, total private wealth held by the city’s residents exceeds US$3 trillion – higher than the total private wealth held in most major G20 countries.”

What is the poorest Arab country?

Yemen has long been the poorest country in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and is now in the midst of one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. The fighting that has been raging since early 2015 has devastated its economy, leading to severe food insecurity and destroying critical infrastructure.