How did Nenobia Washington died?

According to reports, Washington cause of death was ruled by possible suicide. TMZ reports, police and paramedics responded around 7:40 PM Saturday and found Nenobia unconscious and unresponsive in front of an NYC building.

How did BK tidal wave passed away?

Nenobia Washington, an influencer also known as BK TidalWave, has died. She was 38. Washington appears to have fallen to her death from a building, according to an ongoing police investigation.

Who was The Queen of Brooklyn?

New York City is mourning the loss of The Queen of Brooklyn. Nenobia Washington, who went viral after an impromptu street interview with HotNewHipHop in 2015, has died. She was 38 and left behind a son named Tyeleck.

How old is Nenobia Washington?

Nenobia Washington, a beloved social media figure widely known as “the Queen of Brooklyn,” died over the weekend at the age of 38.

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How did Queen of Brooklyn?

Social media influencer Nenobia Washington, known as “The Queen of Brooklyn,” died over the weekend in what appears to have been a fatal fall from a building in New York City, TMZ reports.

How did Brooklyn queen became famous?

Brooklyn Queen is a prominent American rapper, dancer, model and social media celebrity. She has loved singing since she was a child, and at the age of eight, she recorded her first song. Her dancing and singing prowess have captured the attention of many. Her first single, Keke Taught Me, became viral in 2017.

Where is Brooklyn queen from?

Detroit, MI
Brooklyn Queen / Place of birth

How old is Brooklyn queen today?

17 years (July 3, 2005)
Brooklyn Queen / Age

What is Brooklyn Queen nationality?

Brooklyn Queen / Nationality

How old is que 9 now?

19 years (September 28, 2003)
Que 9 / Age

How old is the famous ocean?

20 years (October 8, 2002)
Famous Ocean / Age

How old is Jay Cinco Tik Tok?

Different sources indicate that Jay Cinco’s age as of 2021 is 19 years.