How long have Ashton and KayKay been together?

KayKay Blaisdell

Ashton has been rumored to currently be dating fashion blogger, KayKay. Despite photos that surfaced back in April 2019, they were first seen together back in 2017. Although neither one has confirmed their romance, the pair often seems to be in the same place at the same time.

Are Ashton Irwin and KayKay still together?

Ashton And Kaykay Breakup

It’s official: Ashton and Kaykay have broken up.

How old is Ashton Irwin?

28 years (July 7, 1994)
Ashton Irwin / Age

Are 5 Seconds of Summer still together?

5 Seconds of Summer will be on the road for their 2022 tour. Signed-in readers now can bookmark stories to read later. NEW! Summer is going to last more than five seconds for the band 5 Seconds of Summer in 2022.

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Who is suing 5SOS?

12/17/2021 3:11 PM PT

The pop band is being sued by YMU Music, and the management company claims 5 Seconds of Summer owes them a fat check for their hard work securing lucrative deals.

Who sings the most in 5SOS?

5 Seconds of Summer/Members

What are 5SOS fans called?

Unlike many fandoms, fans of 5 Seconds of Summer do not have a name. Instead, we are called the 5SOS Fam, and true to the name, we are like a family. There is such a strong sense of community within our fandom, as people from all over the world come together to share their love for the band and the music.

Who is the most liked member of 5SOS?

The poll was about who your favorite member of 5SOS is. 1041 people voted, with Luke getting the most votes – 371, followed by Ashton, Calum and Michael with 271, 204 and 195 votes respectively.

What song made 5SOS famous?

In early 2014, the band released “She Looks So Perfect” which topped the charts in four countries. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2014, peaking at number one in 11 countries.

Is 5 Seconds of Summer still together 2022?

2022–present: 5SOS5

The second single, “Take My Hand”, was released on 1 April 2022. The third single, “Me, Myself & I”, was released on 11 May 2022. In May 2022, the band announced their fifth studio album, 5SOS5, which was released on 23 September 2022. The album is the band’s first under BMG Rights Management.

Did 5SOS break up?

No, they’re not breaking up

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Why did 5SOS cancel their show?

5 Seconds of Summer will take a hiatus during their favorite season. The Australian band had to cut short their Sunday show in Houston, Texas, and have since cancelled some upcoming tour dates after drummer Ashton Irwin suffered “extreme heat exhaustion” in the middle of their set and had to be hospitalized.