How long have Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro been together?

Nearly 20 years after they started dating, Undergaro popped the question in 2016 on The Howard Stern Show while they were promoting Menounos’s book, The Every Girl’s Guide to Cooking.

Who has Maria Menounos been married to?

In June 2017, she had surgery for a meningioma, an intracranial tumor which was benign. Menounos married Keven Undergaro in Times Square during the 2017 New Year’s festivities in a ceremony officiated by Steve Harvey and then again in a 2018 Orthodox wedding in Akovos, Greece.

Is Maria Menounos still married?

MARIA Menounos has been married since 2017. She and her husband, Keven Undergaro were in a relationship for many years prior to tying the knot.

How old is Kevin Undergaro?

55 years (18 November 1967)
Keven Undergaro / Age

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How old is Maria Menudo?

44 years (8 June 1978)
Maria Menounos / Age

What does Maria Menounos do for work?

She’s an actress, Emmy Award-winning journalist, best selling author, founder and CEO of Afterbuzz TV, one of the world’s largest digital broadcast networks. She’s also the host of Better Together with Maria Menounos, a daytime talk series and podcast.

What kind of surgery did Maria Menounos have?

After brain surgery to remove a benign tumor, the TV host and journalist makes her health a priority. Maria Menounos was convinced she was being a hypochondriac.

What type of tumor did Maria Menounos have?

Related:Maria Menounos has a benign tumor called a meningioma what is that, anyway? Menounos was diagnosed with a benign tumor, called hemangioma, in 2017.

Who played the nurse in Fantastic Four?

Fantastic Four (2005) – Maria Menounos as Sexy Nurse – IMDb.

Does Maria Menounos have a brain tumor?

Emmy-winning journalist and actress Maria Menounos sits down for a candid chat with the #TamFam. She tells us about her battle with a brain tumor after being diagnosed along with her mom, Litsa, in 2017. While Maria is cancer-free—her mom succumbed to Stage 4 brain cancer in 2021.

How tall is Maria Menounos?

1.73 m
Maria Menounos / Height

Was Maria Menounos a WWE wrestler?

In fact, the on-air personality has not only worked WWE events, but she’s also competed in the ring more than once. In 2009, Menounos made her wrestling debut alongside Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes — the same night she guest hosted WWE Raw.