How many babies do the Bates have?

The Bates family has 19 children and 22 grandchildren from parents Gil and Kelly Bates. They have been the subject of two television shows, United Bates of America, which aired on TLC in 2012, and Bringing Up Bates, which aired on UPTV from 2015 to 2021.

How old is the Bates youngest child?

Josie’s family
Name Date of birth
1 Willow Kristy July 19, 2019 (2019-07-19) (age 3)
Baby Balka August 25, 2020
2 Hazel Sloane June 14, 2021 (2021-06-14) (age 1)

How many children does Lawson Bates have?

His wife Joy gave birth to their third child the day after he was killed. It breaks my heart knowing his three precious children will not know their dad (on this side of eternity)

How old are all the Bates children?

In addition to new baby Jeb, all the Bates kids live at home: Zach, 23; Michaella, 22; Erin, 20; Lawson, 19; Nathan, 18; Alyssa, 17; Tori,16; Trace, 15; Carlin, 13; Josie, 12; Katie, 11; Jackson, 9; Warden, 8; Isaiah, 7; Addallee, 5; Ellie, 4; Callie, 2 and Judson, 1.

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How many miscarriages has Kelly Bates had?

She had two miscarriages before her last two successful births with Callie and Judson. A low progesterone level was making it more difficult to get sustain a pregnancy. “Conception takes place, but the uterus wall is not softened so the baby can implant,” Gil said. “And so it was causing us to lose the baby.”

Did Erin Bates have her 5th baby?

Bringing Up Bates stars Chad and Erin (Bates) Paine welcomed their fifth child together, daughter Finley Marie Paine on Tuesday, Jan. 18, they announced on Instagram. The couple is already parents to son Charles Steven IV, a.k.a. “Carson,” 6, as well as daughters Brooklyn Elise, 5, Everly Hope, 3, and Holland Grace, 2.

Who all is pregnant in the Bates family?

On May 8, 2022, Nathan and Esther Bates announced that they were expecting their first child, due October 2022. On May 17, 2022, Esther revealed on her Instagram stories that she was 18 weeks pregnant, putting the due date some time during the week of October 16, 2022.

Are any of the Bates kids multiples?

Gil Bates and Kelly Bates have 19 children and document their family’s lives on Bringing Up Bates. The couple tied the knot in December 1987 and welcomed their first child the following year. By 2012, Kelly had given birth to nine boys and 10 girls, without any multiples in the mix.

Which Bates child is deaf?

Carlin Bates: Addallee is such a sweet-spirited person and she’s so helpful — she wants to do anything for anyone. But growing up she really had a struggle. We didn’t realize it till later, but at birth, she’d lost some of her hearing.

Who is the oldest Bates child?

Kelly Jo Bates/Children

How old was Josie Bates when she had her baby?

We love you so much!” Us Weekly broke the news on Tuesday, June 15, that Josie, 21, and Balka, 25, had welcomed baby No.

Why did the Bates have 19 children?

Having so many kids was mostly Kelly’s idea, Gil told Christian Examiner in April 2016. “My wife one day said, ‘I think God wants us to trust Him on having children,’” he told the outlet at the time.